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Nicky Hilton Bikini Pictures in Miami

I’ve always felt kind of bad for Nicky Hilton. I mean, she’s a multimillionaire heiress so not THAT bad, but a little bad. She’s always lived in her sister Paris’ shadow instead of being seen and appreciated for her own copious hottness. I think she proved her worth as a professional sexy person in these pics of her chilling on Miami Beach in a tiny leopard bikini. I enjoy a good leopard bikini. It makes me think that they are in it to win it, if you know what I mean. Just look at that booty, y’all. It’s nice and shapely but tight, which is a difficult feat. She’s also got bigger funbags than Paris. All in all I think Nicky is the sexier of the two, but that’s just my opinion.

So, let’s give Nicky Hilton some respect. She’s her own person and is very much sextacular in her own right.

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Paris and Nicky Hilton Pose Leggy for Terry Richardson

Billionaire Barbie does not take kindly to all the attention girls are getting for photoshoots with Terry Richardson, so she grabbed her supremely boring sister Nicky Hilton and the two of them shot a something something with Terry in his studio. I’m sure Terry was excited to have a couple high-maintenance self-censoring sisters in his studios as opposed to those free-spirited edgy actresses and porn stars he usually shoots.

Nevertheless, the girls did put on something of a leggy show for their photoshoot, not exactly pushing the boundaries of naughtiness, but more so checking off their cocktail party conversation list checkbox for ‘did a Terry Richardson photoshoot’. Enjoy.

Whitney Port Upskirt and Vanessa Hudgens See-Through Pants Leads Coachella Sexy Celebrity Roundup

As much I pretend to lament the corporatization of the Coachella Music Festival, and bitch about how star-fuckery has well surpassed music appreciation out in the desert, well, the upshot is a California migration of sexy celebrities that is well worth celebrating each Spring. While Cee Lo Green was up on stage cursing and bitching about sand being stuck in his crack, a nice gaggle of hotties roamed the pachouli oil stinking lawns including Whitney Port, who delightfully flashed her pretty girl panties in a dramatic upskirt post, Vanessa Hudgens who wore some kind of macrame pants that showed her bare to the underthings, Lindsay Lohan who had all the tchotckhe vendors hiding their beaded jewelry from the felonious star, Kate Bosworth back from topless beach vacation, Billionaire Barbie and her less attractive sister, Nicky Hilton, Alessandra Ambrosio, who has probably never not looked hot her whole existence, Katy Cocktease who hid her cleavage from the sun, Tallulah Willis, a newly single Ashley Greene, and Tara Reid who surprisingly did not have a wardrobe malfunction. Throw in some Black Keys and you’ve got a pretty decent party. Enjoy.

Billionaire Barbie, Sister Nicky Hilton, and Fergie Go Big For Japan

When the celebrities get behind a good cause, you can count on two things: stretch pants and cameras. Billionaire Barbie, her less good looking sister, Nicky Hilton, Fergie in tight-asstastic pants, along with model Molly Sims, and Glee-girl Dianna Agron, all joined forces to jog two miles to raise money for the folks in Japan all effed up from the earthquake and tsnumai catastrophe. While I spent most of my charitable exercise ogle time checking out Fergie’s bottom, I must admit I applaud the Hilton sisters for taking the time out of their shopping day to raise money for a worthy cause. Albeit, it’s unclear whether Billionaire Barbie is running for charity or just high-tailing it out of the area because she heard somebody saw a black dude. Run, Paris, run! Enjoy.

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Leopard Print Memories Brought on by Hollywood Fashion Event


Oh, faux pas Jaime King and Lesser Good Looking Hilton Sister, for attending the UK Style French Connection Event wearing matching frocks, albeit, the style of the evening seemed to be geared on leopard print, so the odds were always there, but bet your keester some publicist or wardrobe girl was unceremoniously canned last night after the gig. That’s how Hollywood rolls, baby, when you take a walk on the wild side.

Beside the matching twins, the event featured Carmen Electra, one of my veteran hotties who sadly refused to remove her jacket (read as: new boob job), and Wild On wild one Brooke Burke, who despite having like seventeen children pushed through her vajayjay, continues to look downright lean and animal. Enjoy.

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I must say, as me and the indentured slave kids I use for labor here were discussing hot celebrities in wild jungle outfits, none of them could even remember the amazingly sexy Gena Lee Nolin in her fabulous portrayal of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle on television about a decade ago:

And, yes, while I grow long in the tooth and short in the beard, twas only your humble blogger among all these illegal workers who could remember that that the Sheena TV show was based upon the early 1980′s movie, Sheena, featuring the one time replacement Charlie’s Angel, Tanya Roberts, in full boobtastic glory:

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Nicky Hilton Bikini Pictures

Nicky Hilton is what I like to call “the lesser of two evils,” so I guess that makes it alright to post these Nicky Hilton bikini pictures. Honestly, I almost thought Nicky Hilton was dead, it’s been so long since we’ve seen her around. I guess she isn’t.

I bet Nicky Hilton wishes she was still 16, and could get pregnant to steal the spotlight away from her sister, too. Thankfully she isn’t. Though, speaking of getting pregnant, she might want to eat a cheeseburger or something. It might make her look pregnant, to actually have food in her stomach, but eventually she might not look like a bunch of bones being held togeter by the flimsy string of her bikini.

Anyway, there’s lots more Nicky Hilton bikini pictures after the jump.

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