Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera Flashes Legs And Cleavage At The UNICEF Masquerade Ball

Glee star and lovely Latina Naya Rivera was all boobies and legs at the UNICEF masquerade ball. Naya wore a slinky black dress that was low cut and high cut at the same time. The low cut showed off those gorgeous knockers that have entertained millions for the past few years. I know that I am a big fan and they are pretty much the only reason I watched Glee ever. The high cut is the massive slit up the side that ran all the way to her hip. Needless to say you got to see a lot of leg. Naya has got some pretty spectacular stems. They are long and lean from all that dancing she has to do on that show. You can also see all of her back. Basically, you can see a lot of skin all over.

Naya is one sexy lady and my kinda woman. She gets my Latin blood boiling with her muy calienteness.

Naya Rivera In A Slinky Black Dress And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Naya Rivera‘s boobies are a thing of beauty. (Huffington Post)

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Naya Rivera is Super Sexy in Galore Magazine

Glee star Naya Rivera looks ridiculously sexy in this shoot for Galore Magazine. The muy caliente Latina is shown in a series of provocative outfits in what looks like a dude ranch or something. I got to say that my favorite is the one where she has her short cut-offs unbuttoned and is wearing a pink bra. Her glorious knockers are a work of art. They are seriously huge, y’all. Also on show is the rest of her gorgeous body. She’s got one of the best mid-riffs on the planet. I mean, I haven’t seen all of the mid-riffs on Earth but I’m pretty sure that I’m right. Not only is Naya hot but she’s also got some pretty amazing pipes. I believe, and I know some musical theater nerds might disagree, but she’s the best singer on the show. It’s probably all the extra lung capacity she gets from having such enormous colongas.

Oh, Naya Rivera. You are my favorite.

Naya Rivera Has Sultry Sextastic Legs That Just Might Go on Forever

I’m not exactly sure just how long legs are legally allowed to be, but Naya Rivera may be pushing the criminal boundaries with her epic long and lovely stems in this Cosmo Para Latinas magazine pictorial. Now, it might be Para Latinas, but I will tell you if you happen to love the allure of this former risque dancer turned Glee superstar, then it’s more than para ti as well.

As an unabashed leg man, I find nothing finer than long toned gams ending in the pointed heels of a woman who surely has designed to make me her love slave, bound to do her bidding just for the chance to wax her long appendages each Tuesday. Naya, I’m so ready. I’ve already got the wax up to temperature. Let’s smooth you out ever so slightly painfully. Enjoy.

Naya Rivera Flashes Deep Cleave for the Celebration of Women in Hollywood

What better way for Naya Rivera to celebrate with Elle’s Women in Hollywood event than showing off a good bit of what makes her such an alluring woman. The Glee star brought some serious cleavage to bare at the froufrou event last night, throwing down the boobtastic gauntlet for all of Tinsel Town female kind. A serious throw down indeed.

We’re big fans of most every girl on Glee, and without the burden of ever having to watch the show. It’s a win-win really. Naya Rivera is most undoubtedly on that list. Enjoy.

Naya Rivera Gets Underbooby With Terry Richardson

Oh, that Terry Richardson, that lucky bastard, he does know how to pick ‘em. The string of sextastic celebrities he brings through his hotel room or studio for sexy black and white typically photos. In this case, sultry Naya Rivera of Glee fame, flashing some of her underboob, enough to make you under-drool.

Naya Rivera has always felt wasted on that silly show. I wish she were on a show that I could watch and get into, something like Naya Rivera Dresses Up Like a Schoolgirl Then Strips Nekkid Variety Hour. I’d watch that. Repeatedly. Enjoy.

Clare Bowen, Naya Rivera, Christa Miller, Jennifer Morrison Covered Nekkid in Allure

Well, Allure magazine has kind of outdone themselves once again. And clearly outdone many men’s magazine as well, with their long anticipated almost kind of nekkid celebrity spread in their May edition. This go-round we get to almost see Naya Rivera from Glee (previously published), Clare Bowen the hottie from Nashville, Christa Miller the cutie from Scrubs, and Jennifer Morrison from House. All quite contorted to avoid getting nasty letters from the pearl clutchers of this world who find the nekkid female form to be an insult to their sensibilities, but enough skin to instill in us the exact type of lust that those pearl clutchers fear.

Bless you, Allure. You’re a doing your damndest to instill some European sensibilities about celebrity skin onto American soil (and, yeah, I love the good old U.S.A., but let’s face it, Europe has it going on us in regards to women showing skin in popular media and nobody freaking out about ‘the children’).