Natalia Velez

Natalia Velez Lingerie Pictures Will Shoot an Arrow Through Your Heart

We’re more than determined to bring you celebrity hotness from every corner of this planet and without playing favorites, but if we did play favorites, oh, how we would treat Colombia as one of our pet students in class, for the sultry Latina hotness it produces in its equatorial gardens.

Among other Colombianas who we weep for in the evenings is Natalia Velez, a sextastic Sudamericana supermodel you simply must lust, you must I say. Check our Natalia in her latest photoshoot for Cupids lingerie, her spectacular body, those dangerous eyes, that even more dangerous booty, completing a portrait of a woman who will punch you in the face then bang you madly until the dawn breaks. That’s a woman. Disfruta.

Natalia Velez Bikini Pictures for Colombian Muy Hotness Glory

Okay, just so I don’t get the letters, supremely hot Colombian supermodel Natalia Velez was actually born in Ecuador, so, all hail Ecuador in our mostly senseless pitting of nation vs. nation in the production of ridiculously hot women we lust to ogle.

And once you get past the patriotic pride, we can all just slowly and delightfully surrender to the smoking hot Latina looks of Natalia Velez in this barely there bikini pictorial from SoHo magazine, which if you’re not thinking about learning the Spanish phrase for ‘May I please eat that bikini right off your body’, you probably need to look a bit longer.

Just so wicked sultry wet and hot! Enjoy.

Natalia Velez Puts the Besas in Besame Lingerie (VIDEO)


I know, I know. I have this thing for super hot Colombian super models. It’s like an itch that needs constant scratching. A hunger that needs constant feeding. A piston that needs constant…well, you get the idea. Seeing these Natalia Velez super hot bra and panties photos for the latest Besame lingerie catalog surely will do little to help my addiction to sextastic and sultry Colombian women. Those boobs, that ass, my future paychecks! If I’m not in South America by this summer, somebody, please kidnap me and force me to witness these Latina goddesses in person and in the flesh. It’s almost too much too bare. Enjoy.

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