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Natalia Paris Topless Sextastic Booty Call in Front of the Eiffel Tower

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Natalia Paris topless in Paris? Um yeah. Another idea so simply faptastic yet dangerously alluring that it just had to come from the groovy minded folks at SoHo in Colombia who took this hot, naughty, and downright dangerous model Natalia Paris and took her to Paris to show off without many clothes. Why didn’t I think of this? Okay, I did, but Natalia returned all my letters unread, including the one containing the candy valentine hearts. I did eat those, they shouldn’t go to waste.

The form girlfriend of many a bad-ass warlord and such, Natalia shows that she’s still got plenty of tools to make men do battle, or in the least, lots of really thoughtless things. Her booty alone in front of the Eiffel Tower has to be considered one of the combined wonders of the modern world. There is a reason that damn thing remains erect after 150 years. Women such as Natalia Paris flashing their brilliant T’s and even more alluring A’s to its skeletal structure. These are the days I wish I were a very wealthy Frenchman. Or just the wealthy part. Enjoy.

You may remember how we first met Natalia Paris, by way of the world’s luckiest teddy bear. Oh, to be stuffed like this:

Photo Credit: Soho Magazine

Natalia Proza Does A Sexy 138 Water Photoshoot

Russian model and card carrying hot person Natalia Proza showed some skin in a photoshoot for 138 Water. The makers of everyone’s favorite sexually provocative bottled water had Natalia pose on a rock by the seashore in a purple swimsuit. The water dribbles down her face and onto her luscious Russian babushkas in a very sexy way. Natalia has got a pretty exemplary rack and it looks even better when it is glistening with liquid. I do do like a woman wet from the salt and the sea and designer spring water. Natalia also has some seriously sexy thighs. Men pay a lot of attention to a woman’s legs and I’m all for that, but give me a nice firm pair of lady thighs and I’ll be a happy camper. Natalia must come from that city in Russia where all the hot chicks come from, Sexybabengrad.

What I’m saying is that Russia has more than its fair share of incredibly hot women and I’m convinced they are created by some former Soviet mad scientist somewhere.

Natalia Paris Invokes Cinderella for Sextastic Sudamericana Shoot

You know nobody loves a good cosplay more than I. You start getting into fairytales, start throwing in Colombina hottie models like Natalia Paris (even though she seems to be crazy), and I am more than sold. I am oversold.

Shot for our friends at Soho magazine, Natalia Paris is living out a legendary tale of one hot blonde with two ugly stepsisters who keep her around to cook and clean and be their slave. I guess that’s wrong to do, although I am imagining being Natalia’s master right about now and finding it feels kind of right. Bad, yes, but good bad, very good bad. Enjoy.

Natalia Paris Topless Pictures Are More Than Honorable, They’re Oglable



Mi corazon go boom boom boom.

The last time we saw Natalia Paris, she was humping one very lucky teddy bear. The uber-hot Colombian supermodel and reported ex-girlfriend of a very dead major Cali drug cartel leader (hey, who hasn’t had a questionable boyfriend or girlfriend in the past?) is being honored this month by SoHo, the keeper of all things sextastic in Colombia, for just being smoking good looking and hot-bodied. I couldn’t imagine a more important honorarium. Someday, when I get the Winnebago down the Pan American Highway and into Colombia, I’m going to look up Natalia Paris. And in the four seconds between the time I ogle her chest and the time my life is taken from me, I’m going to be one very happy man. Enjoy.

TGIF: Natalia Paris Sex Tape, It’s Unbearable! (VIDEO)

Isn’t it tough enough for us regular dudes to deal with the competition from big time sports stars, pretty model guys, and men who wear belts? Now, we’re up against fluffy, cuddly, stuffed animals?

Hot Colombian model, Natalia Paris, was captured giving Pooh her honey pot in this inter-species sex tape. All we can say at Egotastic! is ‘harumph’.

When reached for comment on this obvious abuse of our ursine friends, a PETA spokesperson responded that they were storing this video in their tug vaults while determining their official response.


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Natalia Paris Sexy and Topless Photoshoot Revisited (VIDEOS)


When last we met up with Natalia Paris, we had just learned that maybe her kingpin ex-husband was cut-up into pieces and buried in garbage bags and that while this was super sad, we mostly just wanted to ogle and drool over this ridiculously hot Colombian model. Well, now we’ve got the full video set from her Soho magazine photoshoot we posted a couple weeks ago, and, while our knowledge of Spanish is muy poco, we just assume Natalia Paris is mostly just saying, ‘Hey, check out my amazing body’. And, we are. Enjoy.

Watch the Videos:
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Natalia Paris Topless Picture Sexy Bomb Extravaganza


Okay, since our first posting of the ridiculously sexy Colombian, Natalia Paris last week, we’ve discovered three things:

1. We still think she’s super hot.
2. You think she’s super hot.
3. She may have something of a colorful past:

This, according to Egotastic! reader ‘Carlos’ from Caracas:

Just FYI, Natalia Paris is not just Colombia´s most famous model, but most importantly she was the wife of a big shot Narco Boss in Colombia Julio Fierro (Julio The Gun), lived in Miami with him and then he got killed by former narco friends, cut in pieces and all. Big story in colombia and latin america, all about the Post Pablo Escobar era (theres a strong theory that Escobar got killed by Fierro and al the Cartel del Norte Capos, just before the Police arrived).

Hmm, a sexy girl with a past. I know what Tubbs and Crockett would do. Post a massive set of sexy photos of this Latina hottie! And, so shall we. Beautiful Natalia Paris topless pictures from this month from our friends at Soho. Enjoy.