Nabilla Benattia

Nabilla Benattia Falls Out of Her Dress at NRJ Press Conference

French styled reality star Nabilla Benattia continued to show why she and her body are two of the most interesting people in the world today, flashing a whole heaping load of boobtastic during a French TV news conference today. I’m not saying that dress is inappropriate, but I am saying it is totally awesome and clearly not designed for a woman of Nabilla’s curves. Which made it even more perfect when rather expectedly her big ole milkers began to fall out of her dress.

Nabilla was not the least bit phased, not that she planned it, but she certainly seemed to love it. I can relate to the feeling. Nabilla, call me, we”ll talk ditty in fake French. Enjoy.

Nabilla Benattia Drops Serious Cleave at GenLux Release Party

French reality star turned big boobtastic French TV actress Nabilla Benattia is determined to make her mark upon Hollywood during her time filming her various shows her for various Frenchy style TV networks. And, by make her mark, I mean show off her ample sized bosom to as much of the world as humanly possible, as she did the other night at the GenLux magazine launch party in Los Angeles.

Now, normally, I don’t comment on anything fashion related as my own sense of female fashion has been described by most as lesser-Neanderthal, but, might I add that whoever designed that top for Nabilla deserves some kind of Palme d’ Or or medallion for achievement in the cleavetastic. Meh, nobody listens to me. But I do know you’re looking. Enjoy.

Nabilla Benattia Bikini Pictures for French Faptastic Summer Beach Madness

Oh, sure, first I laughed when I heard that French reality starlet Nabilla Benattia was taking her turn into scripted programming. But, I stopped laughing the minute I saw her wardrobe choice for her role in the French TV hit show Hollywood Girls. A tiny bikini that barely, if not really, covered up her curvaceous female form.

Shooting on the beach in Los Angeles, where I ditched my metal detector in favor of a high powered camera, Nabilla absolutely stole the attention of every man, woman, and seagull within viewing distance as she put her full sextasitc body on display in her skimpy two piece. Wow. I could feel the tingles in the area where I once got drunk and thought it’d be funny use my Bedazzler. It hurt. Not now, then. Now, it just feels wonderful. Bless you, Nabilla. Enjoy.

Nabilla Benattia Bikini Pictures Bring French TV Sexy to Venice

Quite literally stacked French reality show star Nabilla Benattia is in L.A. this week filming the highly vaunted French TV show, Hollywood Girls. I’m sure you’re watching the show about disaffected French girls who move to Los Angeles so that French TV crews can film hot girls in Los Angeles I suppose. Well, not suppose, they are, Nabilla Benattia in particular, flashing her amazing bikini wares for the cameras along the beach.

In general, I suppose I would ridicule French TV shows for being French and pointless, but I actually see the point in Hollywood Girls. Well, soft, beautiful cuddly points that I’d love to sunscreen at least four decent layers. Enjoy.

Nabillia Benattia Swimsuit Sextastic for FHM

Oh, happy days when our favorite French reality star and boobtastic supreme Nabilla Benattia takes to a skimpy bathing suit, or not much suit at all, for an outstanding FHM France photoshoot. This Swiss girl turned Frenchy TV star has nothing if not one of the most spectacular bodies on the other side of the pond.

While we are not fans in any way shape or form of craptastic reality television, we are mighty big fans of the shape and form of Nabilla Benattia who simply continues to impress. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: MTV’s Michelle Ang Topless, Nabilla Benattia Topless, Abigail Breslin All Grow’d Up, and Much Much More…


Do you smell that? Yep, it’s happiness. Well happiness mixed with an old Stroh’s can and just an ounce of potential regret. The scents of the coming weekend of opportunities knocked and some doors better left unopened. But we kick off this end of week ritual each week with our communal gathering of skin-filled contributions provided by you, the scientifically documented most intelligent celebrity website viewing audience on the world wide web. I never figured smart people would pay attention to me, though I suppose it’s more what I have to offer, or, on Fridays, what you all have to offer, a little diggity-do we like to call Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Poppy Montgomery cleavetastc in Unforgettable (tusen takk to EgoReader ‘Anders’), McKayla Maroney making us jealous of a balance beam (dropped from above by ‘Penn’), Kendall Leigh Neunar from Barter Kings covered topless (thank you kindly, ‘Dave’), Abigail Breslin all grow’d up in her bra in The Call (kudos to ‘Paul’), Stana Katic camel toe (a desert blessing from ‘George B’), Candice Swanepoel wicked hot in V.S. holiday shoot (a ‘and you’re welcome’ from ‘Tutti’), new Page 3 Idol Winner Mellisa Clarke topless in a Zoo magazine interactive shoot (1M Internet points for ‘Doug’), Michelle Ang from MTV’s Underemployed quite underdressed in Black & White magazine (tip of the hat to ‘Tip O’Hat’), a young Tanit Phoenix quite topless in Maya (sweet find by ‘Shaun’), and last, but certainly not least, French reality hottie Nabilla Benattia topless in Newlook magazine this past summer (we bow down to ‘MisterB’ for his contribution). Wow. Enjoy.

Nabillia Benattia Makes a French Hot Body Splash in Miami

Among the many rages this week along South Beach has been French reality star come to visit her hot body upon America, Nabilla Benattia. Nabilla made quite the entrance over the weekend in a red bikini that left even the most lackluster patriotic ogler standing at full mast upon seeing her booty shake as she tramped across the sand and in and out of the water:

And, now, Nabilla is back today with a pair of shorts and top that left the leering public to her left and right stopped dead in their tracks as they measured the various curved inches up and down her sumptuous bodily form. It’s quite the geometric sport indeed. Enjoy.