Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci See-Through Wetness on Set of New Film

There’s no school like the old school, or in this case, the veteran school of hotness, with classes taught by long time Italian film actress and model, Monica Bellucci. The brunette Romanesque sex-heart has been steaming up the pages of magazines and men’s minds for a quarter century now, and approaching fifty, Monica show zero signs of slowing down.

In fact, she’s showing signs of speeding up the amount of nekkidness in her roles. This is something of a spectacular development. On the set of her new film The Milky Way, Monica isn’t quite topless, but all but thanks to a sheer top and some blessedly placed water. I can see happiness. Enjoy.

Kristen Stewart Topless Handy and Sasha Grey Full-Frontal Highlight This Week’s Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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We’re knee deep into Twilight fever here at this Egotastic! office this week, meaning, that if we find out anybody went to go see Twilight over this weekend, we have threatened to put them in the hotbox we normally reserve for any of our underaged Myanmar tech work force who find themselves temporarily unmotivated to work their 18-hour shift.

That being said, not all thing Twilight are offensive, namely, Kristen Stewart who is featured quite topless in her infamous dual handy scene from On The Road in this week’s Mr. Skin Minute, along with a quite topless and faptastic Monica Bellucci, and a series of topless babes from the Entourage series, including Sasha Grey and Malin Akerman. It’s all good. No goofy vampire lore required. Enjoy.

(And do not forget your Mr. Skin discounted annual membership. It’s the best gift you can give yourself this holiday.if you happen to dig super hot celebrities all kinds of nekkid onscreen.)

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Monica Bellucci Will Never Stop Being Superhot; It’s Simply Not Possible

At 47 years of age, well into her third decade of actress model hotness, the Italian sensation known as Monica Bellucci just continues to work her brunette magic, this time in a photoshoot for Zoo Summer edition magazine wherein the sextastic girl from The Boot gets all kinds of fashion-y, but also showy, of her continuing hot body and remarkable classic looks, rekindling our desire to make sweet love to an older woman.

Monica Bellucci could be the world’s most successful cougar ever, if only she would nurse this poor hungry cub whining here. Enjoy.

Monica Bellucci Can’t Ever Not Look Hot, Including Vanity Fair Magazine

Sure, she’s a bit too classy for us, a bit too hot, a bit too wise, and a bit too mature, but that’s exactly the kind of never-gonna-get-her girl that we so desperately lust here on Egotastic! Not just the unobtainable, because that’s too broad a category for us, but the sextastic celebrity who has been thrilling men and boys for decades without any end in sight.

Long time super hotties such as Italian wonder Monica Bellucci, who was hot twenty years ago, and remains a wicked eyeful to this day, including in the new edition of Vanity Fair Italy, where the ultimate brunette and late 40-something hottie shows you exactly why all the boys in town are offering to fix her broken toilets (okay, so that’s my personal dream, but let’s say, carry in her groceries). Just a truly classy hottie. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Nip Slip on ‘The Bachelor’, Jennifer Garner Sideboob, Monica Bellucci Nip Peeks, Uma Thurman Nekkid, and Much More…


Yep, it’s our very favorite time of the week. Friday. The boxed wine is already on ice. The Girl Scout Cookies borrowed from that one young scout not paying careful enough attention to her supply outside the grocery store have been cracked open. And the escorts-by-the-minute are about to arrive for their most auspicious duties. But the end of week is never complete without the blessed relief of our blessed readers’ finds. The uncovering of all things boobtastic and fantastic in the mediasphere of hot bodied celebrity awesome. And you never fail to deliver.

This week’s funbag filled Reader Finds includes Kelly Brook in a teasy lingerie photoshoot, a nip slip caught on The Bachelor TV show, Jennifer Garner classic sideboob, Monica Bellucci hot topless artsy photoshoot, Uma Thurman nekkid on the beach, Seren Gibson flashing perhaps the worlds’ finest natural pair, Lucy Pinder doing what she does best, Bar Refaeli hot and see-through, Canadian pro-wrestler Gail Kim flashing her turnbuckles, former Miss Teen USA Lyndsey Evans flashing for the Bunny, and German fashion model Micaela Schaefer exhibiting topless wonderments. Yep, it’s chocked-full today.

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READER FINDS: Melissa Satta See-Through, Adrianne Curry Nekkid, Monica Bellucci Topless, and Much More…

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Leave it to our fantastically generous readers to celebrate the season of giving by giving back to their fellow Egotastics by way of our weekly ode to the donated sextastic, our most beloved Reader Finds.

This week’s bacchanalia of the boobtastic includes Bostonian turned Italian Melissa Satta in see-through lingerie, Adrianne Curry classically nekkid for the Bunny, veteran uber-sextastic Monica Belluci in a glorious film still, hot hot heated Leilani Dowding in a weird full frontal mannequinish pic, Aussie diva Holly Valance super hot, a double hot topless preview of the upcoming House of Lies TV series with Dawn Olivieri and Megalyn Echikunwoke, Swedish lingerie model Johanna Lundback see-through, and Romanian super soccer fan, Denisa Nechita, flashing her soccer balloons. Talk about Santa being good to us this Christmas.
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READER FINDS: Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden Share a Bath, Alessandra Torresani and Miley Cyrus Nipple Slips, Christy Turlington Classic Topless, Sara Jean Underwood Fires Her Guns, and Much More


It’s that time of the week again, blessed Friday and blessedly bountiful amounts of the seedy yet fantastic contributions from the kindly, highly educated, and always fresh smelling readers of Egotastic! No website on this planet has a more thoughtfully perverted audience than Egotastic!, and I will testify to that in the court of all things sacred, like binge drinking with college co-eds.

Our biggest ever Reader Finds includes Lucy Pinder and Rhian Sugden in the same bathtub (the dream of all dreams), a double dose of nip slips courtesy of Alessandra Torresani and Miley Cyrus, Christy Turlington classic nekkid magazine pics, Sara Jean Underwood mighty butt shots, Kelly Brook in hot lingerie, Adriana Lima exhibiting her lady nest on stage, Clare Grant striking a nekkid pose, Moncia Bellucci stunning as ever, Romola Garia topless on the little screen, Jennifer Lorthrop topless on the big screen, Marsha Thomason on the toilet, amaybe Kelly Kelly taking a leak in a sink (yeah, we know), and the final final topless shot outtakes from Peta Todd. So much bad goodness it’s utterly smile inducing.

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