Melissa Theuriau

Melissa Theuriau Bikini Pictures for French TV Hostess Hotness

The last time we saw French TV news anchor Melissa Theuriau, she was quite pregnant and quite topless. Well, she’s recovered from both (sadly for the latter part). Still, the Frenchie hottie looks pretty damn ‘wow’ in her little bikini poolside in Miami. You may recall that she’s married to a French comedian, which I assume means he’s obtuse and odd and not very funny.

But Melissa’s sweet mommy body is no joke. Nor her dedication to journalism. Though I’d be lying if I said I cared about the latter. Enjoy.

Melissa Theuriau Topless and Pregnant


If you happen to live in a French-speaking part of the world, you may be familiar with the 30-year-old, French news anchor, Melissa Theuriau. If not, you’ll probably still enjoy these Melissa Theuriau topless pictures. Melissa, and her husband, actor Jamel Debbouze (who you may remember from Amelie Poulin or Angel-A) were spotted getting very close while on vacation in Corsica, as the rather pregnant Melissa went topless.

And for your viewing pleasure, you’ll find some more Melissa Theuriau topless pictures from last year, because while she may still me hot, it’s nice to see her when she wasn’t pregnant.