Madison Dylan

Madison Dylan Wardrobe Malfunction Leads to Femmes Fatales Boobtastic Flashes

Madison Dylan Nipple Slip in Cannes
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We really enjoyed our special time when Madison Dylan of Skinemax’s Femmes Fatales came to visit us here at Egotastic! Sweet, sextastic young lady from the heartland. But, now, we find ourselves kind of jealous of the potential for smoking hotness from Madison, as evidenced from her swimsuit malfunctions, if you may call it that, with her fellow girls from Femmes Fatales at a photoshoot in Cannes. 

The boobs were flying. Specifically, Madison’s which barely clung in for a brief ride in her sideboob baring delicious swimsuit, ultimately, unable to restrain her delightfully round and perky mammarial niceties. And, a chance for us to leer like the unrepentant scoundrels that we are. Enjoy.

The Girls of Femmes Fatales Hit the Beach in Miami

When a dozen hot girls start splashing in the ocean, our Egotastic! eyes roll back in our heads like a shark driven to its prey; we start photo snapping and leering just on instinct alone, and when the fun party girl cast of the Skinemax show Femmes Fatales appears in our dark room, we know we hit a mini-jackpot.

Yep, our friend Madison Dylan and her girl-on-girl pals from Femmes Fatales took to Miami Beach for a cast party, and, unlike our own office parties here at work, nobody screamed in horror when these girls stripped down to their bikinis for some splash cocktails along the mighty ocean. We’re not exactly sure what the amazingly dramatic and well-crafted story lines will be in Season 2 of the show, but we are quite certain we’ll be leering, err, watching. Enjoy.

The Girls of Femme Fatales Throw an Underwear Party, We Can’t Say No

Don’t you know, somebody with very little foresight invited Egotastic! to a ‘hot girls playing with underwear party’ to celebrate the season finale of Femme Fatales on Cinemax, and being who we are, we brought a camera so we could share some of the highlights with our readers.

Check out and like-up the Egotastic! Facebook page where you’ll find the complete photo set of the Femme Fatales girls after hours.  We’re going to be putting more exclusive content on there in the future just to build out our secret little clubhouse on the side.

Sexy Madison Dylan Visits Egotastic! To Celebrate Femme Fatales Season Finale (VIDEO)

Whoa. Ooph. And, a double dang. Somehow, the good folks at Cinemax found out that we were all big fans of their boobtastic fantastic naughty drama, Femme Fatales, starring Tanix Phoenix, and they sent over an emissary from their sextastic creation in celebration of tonight’s season finale episode of the first season (and, they are coming back for another season).

Say hello to Madison Dylan. So hawt. A tall blonde minx straight out of Kansas, like an amazingly hot version of Dorothy, who landed in L.A., and found herself in the vixen-licious role of Alexis on Femme Fatales. When Madison arrived in our offices here, it was like the sun rising in the East, only, that wasn’t the sun, but we still all smiled at the dawn of something naughty. We sat Madison down for one of our 2 Random Minutes With style interviews and found out that there was much brains behind that beauty (we also snapped a few fun photos from our pocket cam, just for the old keepsake’s sake, we share with you). Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out tonight’s season ending episode, Visions, Part 2 of Femme Fatales on Cinemax tonight at 11pm. You will not be disappointed.)

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