Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna Leaves Yoga Class With Serious Camel Toe

Soap legend Lisa Rinna was spotted outside of a Studio City yoga studio with some fairly fabulous camel toe. She was sporting an extremely tight pair of green yoga pants that showed off every curve of her girl parts. Those pants were so tight that I’m surprised she was even able to get into downward facing dog or crouching hedgehog or whatever. She was definitely able to achieve upward facing camel, that’s for sure. But all that yoga is paying off. Lisa is in amazing shape. If you can take your eyes off the camel toe long enough to look south at her killer thigh gap you can see that she’s kept it tight. She’s married to Mad Men star Harry Hamlin. That dude is one lucky SOB. First he got to ride Pegasus in the original Clash of the Titans and then he got to go home to Lisa all these years. Some guys get all the breaks.

I think I’m going to start going to yoga class. You know…for my health and spirit and chakras and stuff. It’s not so I can check out ladies in their tight Lululemons.

Lisa Rinna Nipple Pokes Are Basically Unstoppable

Maybe someday science will invent a clothing material strong enough to counter the power punching capabilities of Lisa Rinna nipples. Maybe someday, but not today. I’m not sure what part is nature and what part is science, but through the years, Lisa has had some of the most powerful, yearning to be free headlights in all of Tinsel Town.

Lisa was on a hike with her husband who we omitted from the photos because he’s a dude so we don’t care a hoot about him. Her nips were poking so hard through at least two layers of Spandex that you could almost feel the burn. You can’t stop Lisa’s power pokes, you can only hope to barely hardly not really contain them. She could probably cut through glass with her protruding points. In the least, I’d sure like to see her try. Enjoy.

Lisa Rinna Camel Toe Couldn’t Be Prettier in Pink

Former soap star Lisa Rinna keeps herself in pretty good shape for 50. Granted, not all of those body parts and complements are exactly half a century old, some definitely from this millennium, nevertheless, she works hard for that body with regular yoga and exercise routines. And for the benefit of the public, she wears the tight stretch pants in bright colors to show off her veteran camel toe, excited from the morning’s brisk events.

You know how blessed we already find tight workout pants, but with this new lean toward neon colors, we may soon reach an entirely new plateau of body part exhibition on the part of the heart-pounding workout girls. Lisa Rinna’s camel toe wants to be free. Release the toe, Lisa. Let is run free like a filly in the field. We’ll be watching that too I’m quite sure. Enjoy.

Lisa Rinna Doesn’t Regret Her Silicone Lips; Let’s Look at Her Nekkid

Lisa Rinna Nekkid in 2009 Playboy Photoshoot
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Wow, talk about your transitions. This native advertising era is going to be tough on yours truly. But, humor me. We take the fact that almost 50-year old veteran soap star Lisa Rinna is in the news this week for defending the silicone injections in her lips on The Today Show, and we turn it into looking at Lisa in her fully nekkid Playboy pictorial from just a few years ago when Lisa looked mighty put together for a woman in her mid-40′s. Granted, some of that silicone moved from just her lips to other parts of her body, but, still, looking good. Landing strip and all.

Now, the pitch. You sign up for the PlayboyPlus $1 Sign-Up Special so I can finally get the money to buy my hairless cat, Mr. Pussy, the miniature sized cashmere sweater he’s been asking for for years. It’s like an all over merkin for the poor fella. And, really, one dollar for a test run of the Playboy centeral command and all its visual wonderments, you owe it to yourself before Easter to get this done. Enjoy.

Why Do Lisa Rinna and Helen Hunt Need to Be ‘Starred’ When Out Over the Weekend?

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Shouldn’t these two 48-year old moms know better than to go out to their fancy events over the weekend in black dresses that showed off their knockers right through their respective tops? Well, personally, we hope they never learn.

Lisa Rinna was out pimping some jewelry store opening in Vegas over the weekend, a truly righteous cause for the shopping class, and she donned a frock that pretty much left no material to the imagination, as her perky pair where entirely visible with every flash of the paparazzi bulbs. In great detail.

As for Helen Hunt, granted, she was at the Global Green event over the weekend in her little black dress, trying to save the planet by way of not wearing a bra, I suppose saving some non-replenishible material, and, in the process, given a starrable showing of her own funbags beneath her dress. Unexpected, but there’s no reason going green can’t also mean going commando. It’s the true naturist calling. Enjoy.

P.S. This whole braless thing really caught on over the weekend, as veteran actress Meg Ryan decide to hit the streets of The Big Apple without any undergarment herself. We like this trend indeed.

Lisa Rinna Pushes Up Her Boobtastic and Pushes Her Book on Making the Sexy

I’m not sure what to make of Lisa Rinna any more. A couple weeks ago she was selling out to an incontinence underwear folks by claiming to be sexy while leaking her shorts, and this week she’s pimping her book on good couples sex sponsored by K/Y lubricants. That’s a lot of body part product slippery sloping, if you pardon the pun.

Nevertheless, at whatever her listed age is now, something close to Methuselah or thereabouts, the woman does keep herself in pretty tremendous shape, a shape enhanced at her book pimping event by some wondrous pushing up of her extensive rack, part God-made part handmade in 90201, and the entire package, well, yeah, I’d lubricate that. Enjoy.

Lisa Rinna Sweet Sweaty Camel Toe, It’s Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

We kind of admire Lisa Rinna. At 48, through a combination of hard work and doctor’s handiwork, she’s managed to keep herself in something close to the soap opera vixen form she has displayed now continuously for the past quarter-century. The thing is — that sweaty thang between her legs.

Lisa Rinna left the gym yesterday from another brutal ‘keep me looking young’ workout in some stretch pants, that along with a healthy dose of crotchal area drippings, left a sweaty floptastic camel toe that could be spotted from the Space Station. And they were probably looking too. It was that hard to miss. Enjoy.