Lindsay Arnold

Lindsay Arnold Tanned Hot Legs Prepared to Dance

You know how little my interest in Dancing With the Stars and other sequin costumed dance shows, but, they do bring out some sweet dancer bodies to show every now and then. I would be forsaking my responsibilities as head male cheerleader if I didn’t share the likes of the long toned legs of Lindsay Arnold outside the DWTS studios.

All that magic on that show truly happens in the parking lot. Sort of like high school I suppose. But, damn, those dancer’s do have the legs that you can imagine wrapping around you several times, squeezing tight, and announcing that you are their prisoner, followed only by a meek, ‘Yes, ma’am’ out of your mouth. You’re welcome to imagine your own leg-driven schemes. Enjoy.

Lindsay Arnold Makes Dancing with the Stars’ Parking Lot Worth Watching

As you know, Dancing with the Stars remains on our down low list. As in, we’d never tell you what you can or can’t watch on television, that’s between you, your pussy whipper, and your maker. But we can advise you to keep it on the down low. However, good news, ogling the parking lot of the DWTS studios at rehearsal time is perfectly acceptable, especially when dancing pro Lindsay Arnold shows off a little bit of her hot dancer body.

Now, often times, dancers get a little hard and heavy in the musculature department for our tastes. I know some of you like yourselves a good barbarian woman challenge, we here at Egotastic! generally shy away from anything that might resemble work, so we like a tamer breed of the opposite sex. Firm, but soft. Soft, but firm. Or, as a perfect visual example, Lindsay Arnold who we can’t stop staring at this morning. Enjoy.

Lindsay Arnold Almost Makes Me Want to Watch ‘Dancing With the Stars’

As I’m sure you’re aware, though you better not tell, Dancing with the Stars season something or other premieres tonight. And while housewives and dudes watching on the down low might be excited beyond belief, we continue to be amazed by how little network television cares about men anymore. That being said, every craptastic television cloud has a silver lining. In this case, new dancing pro Lindsay Arnold, fresh on the DWTS scene. If these glimpses of her arriving for practice in her Daisy Dukes are any valid preview, yeah, we’d like to watch her dance.

Granted, that does not mean dressed up showy ballroom dancing with dudes in silky costumes. No, sir. But dancing like a half-dressed ballerina on an R-rated music box in our minds, then, yes, most definitely. Enjoy.