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Kate Upton Bikini Right Alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann Bikinis Filming ‘The Other Woman’

Well, what do we have here. Three ladies who I would not throw out of my bed for eating crackers, or stabbing me in the eye for that matter. Of course, I will admit to putting a premium on Kate Upton rolling in the hay, but I’m not going to turn my nose up at veteran hottie Cameron Diaz or Leslie Mann for that matter.

The three relatively blonde ladies were bikini to bikini, in the Bahamas filming The Other Woman. That movie seems to have many many scenes, or maybe they’re just making stuff up as they go along as an excuse to get these ladies into their bikinis. We’ve already seen Kate Upton almost fall out of hers (oh, damn you almost!). Either way, I’ve already committed to spending my money to see this film. It could be horrible, but this production process deserves a ten-spot. Enjoy.

Kristen Stewart Topless on Demand Highlights This Week’s Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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Spring is finally here. Personally, that means I’m stuck inside for fear of being allergic to everything that is bright and colorful and trying to reproduce by means of the jet stream. Luckily for me, our good friends at Mr. Skin have put together a wonderful trio of home-viewing celebrity skin options for my Bubble Boy lifestyle.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Kristen Stewart in her first ever true topless moments giving handies in On The Road, currently available On Demand, Leslie Mann flashing her bare udders in This is 40, if you believe her side of the story that is, and Ashley Judd in the way back machine showing off her amazing body in 1997′s Norma Jean and Marilyn. It’s not just good, it’s great. Enjoy.

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BOOBGATE: Leslie Mann’s Supposed Topless Scene Must Be Weighed on the Scales of Justice

The Washington Post may have had Woodward and Bernstein but Egotastic! has (just) me, so suck on it. But, unlike those lame award winning journalists, I uncover the dirt you really want to know about. Today I put Leslie Mann and her supposed nudity in the crosshairs of my journalistic sem-integrity.

The 40-year-old actress and star of This is 40 has gone on record stating the her topless mammogram scene in the film (we’ll call this Exhibit A), directed by husband Judd Apatow is her first nude scene and is in fact her actual body. We call shame on you Leslie, shame, shame, shame for this lie. (Also between this and her scene in Judd’s last movie where Adam Sandler goes down on her, you gotta figure Apatow has some weird voyeur fetish involving his wife and his close friends)

Exhibit B. We already know that Mann has a thing for the CGI nudity. In The Change-Up, I originally thought the only saving grace was a shot of Mann topless. Anything to take my mind off everything else that was happening in that movie. Only I then discovered that the fine pair of pups before my eyes were in fact not real, but prosthetically enhanced breasts.  Read more… »

Leslie Mann Not Really Topless in ‘This Is 40′ (This Is Some Kind of Heinous JouJou)


So, here we go again. Technology has put us on the brink of artificially intelligent androids taking over the planet and enslaving human beings for food and mitochondrial energy, and, worse, Hollywood has figured out how to give actresses not willing to show their real boobs some quite high-quality fake funbags to flash onscreen. It’s some devious combination of prosthetics and lighting and maybe a hint of CGI or some such halfway benevolent technology being now used for such illicit and destructive purposes.

The latest crime in this regard is Leslie Mann and her bare-puppy in the upcoming Judd Apatow film, This Is 40, the sequel of some sorts to Knocked Up, which was a good movie, and devoid of fake knocker flashes as far as we know. For Leslie Mann, Judd’s wife, this is her second such offense in regard to artificially flaunted melons onscreen. Two strikes and you’re out, Leslie, as far as we’re concerned.

Hollywood might think they have us commoners as willing participants to this skin-ruse, but let’s see how they feel when we start paying for movie tickets with fake money. Not so cute now, is it? 

Weekly Sextastic Twitpic Roundup Includes Candace Bailey, Shakira, The Michalka Sisters, and Much Much More…

Oh, blessed mother of self-published pics, how you grace us. There really is no better modern day phenomenon, a billion dollars worth of Instagram phenomenon, than sextastic celebrities shooting pictures of themselves on their camera phones and distributing them out to the world wide digisphere. Wunderbar.  

This weeks Sextastic Twitpic roundup includes self-shot contributions from G4 hottie hostess, Candace Bailey, some bunny love from Shakira, a couple of at home shots from AJ Michalka and Aly Michalka, Sara Jean Underwood mounting another woman, Kendall Jenner bikini teen delights, and so much more we can’t even list it all. It’s a veritable plethora of personal celebrity pics that must be seen to be appreciated. Enjoy.

Crimes Against the Boobtastic! Leslie Mann Purportedly Changes Up with Fake Funbags



Oh, for shame, for shame.

You may have heard of the Mann-Boob scandal in the current comedy film, The Change Up, where actress and Judd Apatow wife, Leslie Mann flashes the fleshy mounds in a couple scenes in the R-rated comedy, only, whoa, these funbags are reportedly pure fakery, either prosthetics or penned up in some computer room by giggling nerds digitally drawing boobies over some type of chest puppy cover-up apparatus, or both. It’s…it’s…well, it’s an abomination, the act of altering that which is so amazing, like repainting the Mona Lisa with a little hat to make her more fashion forward, or sanding down the pointy tops of the Pyramids at Giza to make them child-safe. Boobus criminalus.

MSM Weekly Skintastic Roundup Includes Olivia Wilde, Leslie Mann, Melissa Leo, and Vida Guerra


Oh, blessed end of the week, time for sun, fun (read as: hiding in my closet reading graphic novels) and, of course, cinematic adventures, with a little film flesh forecasting courtesy of the Mr. Skin Minute from of our friends at Mr. Skin.

This weeks bare naked video includes Olivia Wilde and Leslie Mann getting digitally nippled in The Change Up, a young Melissa Leo streetwalking, and Vida Guerra flashing the cans in Eastbound & Down. Enjoy.

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