Laura Cremaschi

Laura Cremaschi and Her Thong Bikini Bottom Make a Great Case for Team Italia in the World Cup

I don't care which team you're pulling for starting next week in the World Cup, if you were standing next to Laura Cremaschi and her wicked hot bum on the beach, you'd be talking about your love for team Italy. Anything to get in good with the wicked hot bodied and crazy thumper of the blonde from The Boot who now calls Miami her main exhibition domicile.

Like, oh, 100% of you, I appreciate a round but firm, supple yet taut, bottomside on a bikini clad vixen. And if said vixen is sporting a team jersey in some body flattering manner, well, that's like the Doublemint gum of mathematics applied to the sexy quotient. Laura Cremaschi may not be a real dyed-in-the-wool sports fan, but I could care less. Viva Italia. Enjoy.

Laura Cremaschi Sports A Blue Bikini In Miami

Italian model and international diplomat of hotness Laura Cremaschi sported a blue bikini in Miami Beach. The bikini barely covered her nips and showed off tons of cleavage and plenty of lovely sideboob. I don't know if it's the pasta or what but the Italians sure know how to make a hot body. Laura's funbags are like two lovely balls of fun that I would like to see more of them. In addition to the top being so revealing, the bottom shows off her...well...bottom. Laura's booty is nothing short of spectacular. She must do a lot of pilates or whatever to keep those trouser puppies looking so amazing. It also looks like Laura caught the photographer taking pictures of her and started modeling for the camera. She did a series of sexy poses that people just don't do if they aren't on a photo shoot.

It's a testament to her professionalism as a model that she is willing to pose for pictures even when she's on vacation.

Let Laura Cremaschi Bikini Hot Booty Be Your Guide To Happiness

Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'm going to stare at Italian model Laura Cremaschi's tight bikini thumper for the rest of the day. It really is quite inspiring. Not that Laura Cremaschi doesn't deserve a few grazies for her all over tanned and hot body goodness, but, that booty. Man, oh man. It really makes me want to breakout into song. Something by White Lion maybe.

Laura has been engaged in a season long battle down in Miami Beach for the most sextastic bikini body import. It's not a show you'll see on television, because television isn't really that awesome, but it's a contest taking place nonetheless with real and meaningful results to so many of us. Laura is holding her own. Though if I were there beside her, I would relieve her of such a burden. Damn, that arse! Enjoy.

Laura Cremaschi Is Flirty In A Pink And Blue Ruffle Bikini

Italian hottie Laura Cremaschi is cute and sexy in a pink and blue ruffled bikini in Miami. The showgirl's bikini accentuates her cannolis under waves of tiny fabric. Laura's lovely breasticles are the right amount of perky and firm. Italy is seriously considering registering them as national treasures along with the Colosseum and Michelangelo's statues of naked dudes. But the real news is how her booty looks in these pics. I appreciate a girl who isn't afraid to show off her assets. Her spicy meatballs are almost completely visible and covered with wet sand. There is something so friggin' hot about a sandy butt. It makes me think of summer fun and sun and not having to go to school.

Oh, to be that pool noodle. I'd like to get wrapped around those perfect abs and boobi balls. Styrofoam has all the fun.

Laura Cremaschi Wet T-Shirt Bikini Goodness on the Beach in Miami

Just when you think Italian model boobtastic babe Laura Cremaschi might be running out of exhibitionist tricks in Miami, hold on tight, here comes the wet white t-shirt very immodestly covering her endowments of a noticeable variety. Quite the step up in game for the booty-fine model from The Boot if I may say so.

That Miami Beach is no place for amateurs these days as the international models have descended upon the shoreline and made it their home for the winter. You don't just show up with a half-decent body and a bikini and think you're going to get noticed. This is the major leagues of sextastic body competition. Laura Cremaschi just threw down another gauntlet. Rest of the ladies, time to step up or stand down. Enjoy.

Laura Cremaschi Completes the Italian Bikini Invasion of Miami

The Italians are coming! And thank goodness for that. The lovely model ladies of The Boot continue to invade our humble shores through the winter months, flashing all kinds of skin and booty and hot bodies in tiny bright bikinis like semaphores of the sextastic.

Laura Cremaschi joined her countrywomen on the beach in Miami in a bright pink thong that could not be missed. And why would you want to miss all those curves packed, err, hanging out, of that itty bitty two piece swimsuit. These girls always look like they're having great and glorious fun times splashing in the water and prancing across the beach. If they only knew this is exactly how I feel on the inside leering at their luscious bodies. I'm actually going to go ahead and guess they do know this is how we feel. That only makes it hotter. Enjoy.

Laura Cremaschi Thongs and Soccer Balls by the Beach, Just Oustanding Booty

The Italian girl takeover of Miami Beach has been quite the positive for us gentleman oglers and prurient purveyors of fine female forms. These girls not only love their thong bikinis, they love their soccer. And while the sport hasn't caught on in the U.S. quite like in Europe or South America, I'm certain the sight of Laura Cremaschi in her yellow bikini kicking the ball around the water's edge will surely perk up interest domestically.

At some point soon I need to get myself and my best pair of binoculars down to Miami to witness nature's most significant annual migration -- the international models to the beach in South Florida. It truly is a splendor of the natural world. Animal Planet with hot chicks. Just amazing. Enjoy.