Laura Cremaschi

Laura Cremaschi Bikini Pictures Will Slather Your Wiener With Happy Thoughts

You know Laura Cremaschi is ready for the Miami Beach competition. That booty on Laura is if sculpted by the legions of Egotastic! fans in the heavens above. You start throwing in the Italian model hottie eating a hot dog like the naughty girls do at ball games and suddenly you have a working masterpiece on your hands.

Granted, Laura is hamming a bit for the cameras in this beach area photoshoot. I’m not sure who commissioned a shoot of Laura nibbling down a wiener, but I’d sure like to meet him and review his entire collection while I provide running commentary. There are just so many ways to add naughty intrigue to a ridiculously hot bodied bikini girl. Hot dog swallowing definitely makes my list of All-American dreamscapes. Enjoy.

Photo credit: AKM-GSI / Splash News

Laura Cremaschi Sweats Hard for Booty Harder

As I mentioned in Hot Bikini Geography 101, all the fine ladies are either making their way to Miami or already there and doubling down on their booty workout sessions to keep up with the influx of competition. Laura Cremaschi is no slouch or rookie to these seasonal hot body adjustments. She’s in the outdoor gyms perfecting her asstastic in a pair of shorts so short, well, you can see her perfecting her asstastic. No need to wait until you get home and see how you look in the mirror. Tone as you go.

If the libido could sweat with anticipation consider my grey matter getting clammy at the breakout winter season in South Florida soon to be upon us. It’s like every day is the Super Bowl for the gentleman oglers December through March during the high season of high thongs and tiny tops. Santa, you know damn well what I want for Christmas. Let’s not fuss about with letters mailed to the Pole. Give me the bikini girls! Enjoy.

Laura Cremaschi Bikini Pictures Pink With Booty Perfection

Laura Cremaschi has been putting her name, and bikini body and one tight killer booty, out there for a run at queen of the beach in Miami these days, flaunting her fine female form almost daily on the warm strip of sand. I’m not sure if other international models now have to kiss her ring or snap her thong to gain permission to the beach, but I sure would like to see both of those going on.

The model and showgirl from The Boot has made a noteworthy impression on all lovers of the tight round buns. While she could probably use a sandwich or two, Laura falls into my skinny sweet category of girls who I’m going to tell they look absolutely perfect until post-coital periods of reflection when I find I can be more honest. And that booty. Man, oh, man. Enjoy.

Laura Cremaschi Steps Out In A Swimsuit On Miami Beach

Italian hottie Laura Cremaschi hung out in a sexy swimsuit on Miami Beach. The swimsuit is fruit flavored, or at any rate it’s got fruit on them. But the most important of which is the pair of melons that she’s got in the front. There is some spectacular cleave in these pictures. Laura has an extraordinary pair of gazungas. Yes, I used the word gazungas which is usually reserved only for old pervy uncles. That’s how amazing her boobs are. Laura also has some great long legs. The kind of legs that go on for miles, as no one since 1945 has said. All day I’ve been posting stories about sexy ladies on the beach in Miami. You never see international supermodels on the beaches around New York City where I live. Sure, the beaches here are sometimes dirty and swimming isn’t advisable, but still. The beach part is fine and there only rarely is any industrial waste.

What I’m saying is that it is time that New York City clean up their beaches so the hot women will come here instead of going to Florida all the time.

Laura Cremaschi Bikinis in Miami Beach

Italian model and showgirl Laura Cremachi showed off her cannolis in a colorful bikini in Miami Beach. Laura has got a truly breathtaking set of funbags, or as the Italians say divertimento sacchetti. There is some pretty awesome sideboob and cleav action going on in these pics. You can clearly see why Italian politicians risk their careers for a chance to squeeze those chest pillows. But what I think is even more revealing in these pics is her booty. Mamma mia, what a caboose this girl has got! The bikini is almost a g-string, so you can see the wonder of her derriere almost in its entirety. The cloth also barely covers up her no-no spot and you can pretty much see the outline of everything. Laura just knows how to wear a bikini. It takes more than just going to the store and buying one and being naturally hot to pull off that look.

No, one must master the bikini arts. Laura knows exactly how to bikini. She’s a black belt, or black g-string, in bikini.

Laura Cremaschi and Her Hot Bikini Body Can’t Be Contained, Though Sadly Today It Is Just a Little

After seeing Laura Cremaschi with her top off last week, well, it’s a bit like an amazing dessert was served and it’s  time to head off to dream land to imagine such tasty treats. Though I am a man who can move from dessert back to appetizer rounds with the greatest of ease. Especially inspired by the sight of Laura back in a little bikini on the beach showing off her staggeringly hot body in the more traditional suntanning manner of the U.S. So sad, I know.

Laura really has managed to work herself into one of the finest beach bodies among the stiff competition making men stiff along Miami Beach. I’m not going to say I favor her even more these days because she was showing off her bare boobtastic last week. I’m not going to say it, but naturally it’s totally true. I can be bought rather easily! Enjoy.

Laura Cremaschi Topless Bikini Changing And Asstastic Delights to Double Assault the Leering Senses in Miami

Laura Cremaschi Topless in a Bikini on Miami Beach
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We know the competition for exhibition attention on Miami Beach is tough, so when Italian actress Sveva Alviti took her top off yesterday for some topless sunbathing time in South Florida, word got around really fast that the bar had been raised. Err, the bikini tops had been raised at least. Her fellow countrywoman Laura Cremaschi was the first to accept the gauntlet.

While we’ve been checking out Laura’s ridiculously fine female form for the past year or so, and that exceptional Italian booty, today she climbed into the stratosphere with her compatriot by showing off her tan-lined funbags of joy all wet and succulent from a bath in Neptune’s playground. I really need to learn how to say, thank you for this very happy boner, in Italian. It’s important to always be polite. Enjoy.

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