Lara Bingle

Lara Bingle Bikini Pictures Black Hot in Capri

Oh, how do I lust Lara Bingle, Australian model hottie and the subject of so many scandals involving her ridiculously sweet nekkid body. And, might I add, Lara looks rather exceptional in a bikini.

Spotted on the rocky shores of Capri, Italy, my second most common vacation spot after Northridge, Lara showed off the sweet curves and fuller body that makes her the object d' lust of so many gentleman oglers worldwide. Her hips, that full bosom, those cheeks, it's all working for me in a sort of staycation in my office. Someday, Lara, I shall be astride you in nothing but my bright yellow banana hammock and a Menthol cigarette ready for the beaches of Europe. We shall be very happy together for up to 72 hours. Hemingway will rise from the grave to write a book about it. Life is for the dreamers. Enjoy.

Lara Bingle Caught Topless During Bikini Photoshoot!


I do love me some Lara Bingle. Well, really any hot Aussie will do. In a bikini is always nice, but when they start changing their bikinis around for photoshoot and get caught topless, well, that's somewhere between twice and a million times better.

Somehow, Lara Bingle always seems caught up in some legal wrangling over ill-gotten topless photos of herself. I don't quite understand the anxiety as she is not only a super good looking lass, but her fine female form is rather quite delightful, including her precious chest puppies. I mean, just look at those proud pert pair. If I had boobs like that, I'd go to church topless. Just saying, nothing I'd ever go to court to try and cover up. But, then, we shall see if any barristers call over these pictures.

Lara Bingle topless, this is quite a blessed day. Enjoy.

Lara Bingle Returns for More Down Under Sexy Swimsuit Seduction

We've missed the hot body of Aussie model and TV hostess Lara Bingle, thankfully, that body is back in full force in some sweet swimsuit photos in the November edition of Cleo magazine from the great Down Under.

Examine Lara's body closely and you will see that it really only belongs in swimsuit (or less) for public exhibition. Tan and lean and long and lovely, just begging to know, where the bloody hell are you? Enjoy.

Lara Bingle Sexy Bedroom Photos for GQ Australia

There's been a lot of hubbub surrounding Aussie hottie celeb model Lara Bingle of late.

Earlier in the Spring, word came out that another round of nekkid photos of Lara were being shopped around by her former or current business partner dude (which is apparently a custom different than how we conduct business here in the U.S. because my business partner Dick Dickenburg has never tried to sell nekkid photos of me, as far as I know).  Anyhow Lara and her crew attempted to sue the shizz out of anyone and everyone who even talked about the nekkid photos, including TV shows and magazines, and, point of fact, we saw the photos and they were definitely the Lara Bingle in the buff and we definitely drooled. Sadly, they were loaner pics that I'm sure will eventually come out, once Lara's legal team takes a napper.

But, the larger point is, Lara Bingle is one damn fine looking woman, as evidenced in not-quite-nekkid, but ridiculously sextastic photos of her in this months GQ magazine in Australia. In the pictorial, Lara takes you almost entirely down under into her boudoir to catch glimpses of her skin and naturally sexy persona, in black and white and color, for you young kids and your newfangled technologies. It's all rather steamy and perfect. Enjoy.

Lara Bingle Bikini Pictures Thunk Up Some Sweet Sweet Junk

The good folks in Australia had a solid inkling of what they were doing a few years back when they picked model Lara Bingle to be the sextastic face of their 'Where the bloody hell are you?' monster tourism campaign around the world. Because every time I see Lara Bingle in a bikini, my first thought is, look up plane flights to the land Down Under on Expedia.

As a symbol of all things Aussie and bikini and hot, therefore, Lara Bingle has the opportunity, nay, the responsibility to prance about in her two piece exhibition uniform at least 200 days of each year, including over this past weekend where she taunted the world at large with her seat cushion that you will be dreaming about pushing for at least the rest of this day, if not the rest of all your days. There's something about this girl and the way her body fits a bikini that makes you wonder why the blood hell you're not in Australia right about now. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Kendall Jenner Stripper Pole, Lea Seydoux Topless, Rihanna Nipple Ring, Lucy Collett Nekkid, and Much More…


The first Reader Finds of 2012, and what a way to kick it off. Our best-on-the-net viewers have joined forces like the Wonder Twins activating to present a cornucopia of celebrity T&A the likes of which exists nowhere else in cyberspace. This is exactly why the Internet was invented.

Today's Reader Finds includes an unexpected twist of young Kendall Jenner on the stripper pole, a topless pic of current Mission Impossible hottie, Lea Seydoux, as anticipated, another hot set of Page 3 Idol Winner Lucy Collett nekkid, Sara Jean Underwood without any clothes, a shot of what looks to be Rihanna with a new nipple ring, hot Euro model Nina Restic topless on her balcony, Lara Bingle in a sexy bikini swimsuit photoshoot, Teri Hatcher in a classic Lois upskirt, and Johanna Lundback in more see-through lingerie. Quite a collection indeed.

Lara Bingle Caught Topless, Making Us Feel All Warm and Tingly Down Under


Oh, how we delight in the carefully caught off-guard topless candids of some of our favorite hotties, not the least of which is Aussie-tastic sexy swimmer model Lara Bingle, who never seems to be too far from water, though in this instance, perfectly far away enough from her bikini top. Bare boobtastic can never been wrong, and on Down Under hotties like Lara, it can be ever so right. This was a true treat in our day today. Enjoy.