Kristina Shannon

Kristina and Karissa Shannon Fire off Twin Booty Cannons in Beverly Hills

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the platinum blonde Shannon Twins out and about in the local environs. So leave it to Kristina Shannon and Karissa Shannon to make quite a splash, a big badonkadonk splash, when re-entering the paparazzi universe.

The curvaceous twins were shopping in the fancy shops in Beverly Hills that give me funny looks if I get within fifty feet and bending over seemingly to inspect every item on sale. I’m not exactly sure what made those thumpers of theirs, I’m guessing a combo of Mother Nature and Daddy 90210, but they’re impressive lady humps to say the least. I almost want to dare you not to look, but I’d hate for you to lose so easily. Shannon sisters, I give you an A-plus on new first impressions. Enjoy.

Kristina Shannon and Karissa Shannon Asstastic Twinsies Poolside Photoshoot

Wow. I think I could barely handle one of the Shannon twins pimping and preening about all wet and sheer and bending over and flashing amazing bottomside. But two, together. Well, that’s a version of synchronized swimming likely to get its very first male viewer ever.

Kristina Shannon and Karissa Shannon put on quite the asstastic display in a Beverly Hills pool, like two amazing water nymphs exiting the water to create havoc upon the walking upright males of the world. And, oh, how glorious that havoc would be. Wet, wild, and just a little bit wooly. Enjoy.

Karissa Shannon and Kristina Shannon Outtakes Provide Even That Much More Twin-Time Hotness

What is it about hot sexy twins that makes us want to imagine so many mathematical possibilities in the boudoir? I don’t actually know any guys who have ever been with twins before but I know every guy has imagined it. It just seems extra naughty, sisters, identical, and when you are talking visions of the Shannon sisters, well, there’s the extra-oomph to get over any incestual type concerns one might have (I’ve searched my own feelings, and found none).

In outtakes from a spectacular shoot by Karissa Shannon and Kristina Shannon from Nuts magazine, the two blonde doppelgängers get all sorts of lingerie and bodily exhibition wicked hot. Perhpas now knowing that sister Kristina does indeed dabble in the Sapphic arts, well, that might just put this fantasy-inducing set of visual right over the top. Enjoy.


Sapphic Sextastic Alert! Kristina Shannon Presents Her New Hottie Girlfriend With a Dinner-Time Kiss

Maybe we haven’t been paying careful enough attention to Kristina Shannon, as we’ve focused more in the past year on sister Karissa Shannon and her trials and tribulations as her little boyfriend from Smallville got sent to the pokie for possessing a trunkload of Oxy.

So, I guess Kristina Shannon likes chicks. Who knew? Though this does explain why all of our sext messages (with naughty cowboy pics attached, MMS, natch) have gone non-responded to by the hot blonde half of the twin Playboy model duo. To her credit, Kristina came out and made out in public with her new girlfriend, and she’s one hot little piece of carpet munching co-habitation –Ida Ljungqvist, 2009 Playboy Playmate of the Year. Yeah, I know, not too shabby for your Sapphic scissor kissing needs.

Amidst the jealousy, I’m very happy for the happy couple. They better take pictures. Enjoy.

Karissa and Kristina Shannon Lingerie Pictures Will Hotten Your Nuts

You know about our thing for twins, so when our friends at Nuts produced this epic lingerie pictorial of the Shannon Twins, well, let’s just say we’re gonna need  some new carpet in the office ASAP.

Wow. Karissa Shannon and Kristina Shannon just sizzle on the page and undoubtedly in your libidos in their skimpy little bits of black lingerie, flashing some killer bodies and booties that simply will make you want to go build a pyramid in your backyard. It’s just so, well… just look at them. I think I’m going to cry, or write a poem, or kick a person much smaller than me in the knee caps. I need to express these new found feelings brought on by the Shannons. Happy days. Enjoy.

The Shannon Sisters Drop Some Blonde Sexy on London (With Sneak Pictorial Peek)

Kristina Shannon and twin sister Karissa Shannon brought their hot wonder twin powers to Jolly Old to promote and pimp a whole bunch of shizz, not the least of which is their new pictorial in Nuts (for which you can see one damn hot preview pic above) and to engage in the types of projects that hot blonde identical twin sisters engage in.

So, not necessarily trivia contests or lectures at Oxford. But the important stuff, like giggling interviews and sextastic photoshoots.

And, of course, the inevitable partying at hot nightclubs, as the Shannon Sisters donned the gold outside the DSTRKT nightclub, putting the British Isles on notice that hot imports go both ways, as do these hot twin sisters. Enjoy.

Karissa and Kristina Shannon May Cause A Sudden Interest in (Un)Dress Design

Well, I think Pete from Smallville is finally doing his hard time for a trunk-full of Oxy, which leaves boyfriend-less Karissa Shannon in the company these days of her twin sister Kristina Shannon, which is a good thing for when these two Playmate sisters hit the town, they tend to do so in very little, very sheer little bits of cloth, barely covering up their Wonder Twin Power Activated ridiculously hot bodies. One in red, one in black, you really don’t even need to memorize the names, that’s half the fun really not knowing, with their matching passion-inducing figures and numerous body parts to die for.

Hot girl twins, it’s really one of Mother Nature’s proudest achievements. Enjoy.