Kerri Walsh

ESPN Body Issue Provide Covered Nekkid Views of Kerri Walsh Jennings, Elena Hight, Meisha Tate and Other Female Athletes

I generally laud the efforts of the annual ESPN Body Issue. There are about two obvious flaws with the publication. One, nobody is really nekkid. They cover up all the good bits. And, two, it’s filled with tons of dudes. That is a major issue with the issue.

However, we here at Egotastic! strip away at least that latter issue by bringing to you just the girls of the 2013 ESPN Body Issue. This will be an evolving list I suspect as more photos are released, not to mention outtakes and behind the scenes. But, for now, take a look at some of the athletes chosen to bare almost all in this year’s ESPN salute to stellar athletic bodies. Enjoy.

Kerri Walsh Bikini Beach Volleyball Butt: An Olympic Retrospective

For those of you out there first admiring the hard-yoked and barely covered behind of Kerri Walsh as she and Misty May Treanor continue their inevitable run toward gold in the 2012 Summer Olympic games, well, welcome to the party. The tall, lean, blonde net striker extraordinaire has been dominating the beach volleyball buttockal scene for many years now, with an athletic asstastic that has earned her boy-at-heart fans around the world.

While Kerri’s fiercely worked can has certainly not slowed down much in the dazzle-me-cheeks department in 2012, we really think her rump-in-Spandex peeked in Beijing in 2008, when on her way to her second gold medal, she found even skimpier bottoms to highlight the coming together point of her very long and talented legs.

Take a gander at her 2008 seat-region and see how you compare it to today. Enjoy.