Kenda Perez

Kenda Perez Bikini Pictures Continue To Hydrate the High Desert

Another day, another crazy hot water ad shoot for the UFC styling Kenda Perez out in the Palm Springs desert. I’m not exactly sure why you would go somewhere super dry and then have to buy expensive water, as opposed to Kenda just hanging by the ocean where she normally is, but apparently it’s a marketing thing of some kind. For people who find themselves lost in the desert with only gold bikinis to cover their hard yoked female forms.

I guess it makes sense. I know I really really like looking at Kenda Perez. Still not sure about the fancy water. Enjoy.

Kenda Perez Bikini Pictures for More H20 Promotions

This 138 water company seems to be hiring up half of hottie Hollywood for its pictorial promotions. The latest and greatest being MMA commentating minxstress Kenda Perez, she of the long lean Latina sweety body that looks mighty find in her bikini out in Palm Springs for the shoot.

Kenda is a dramatically overlooked sextastic starlet, a hot chick who loves UFC can’t be anything but amazing in my book. And from the time we spent with her a couple years ago now, I can say she’s wickedly charming and funny as hell. Quite a package, that you are currently ogling, I know. I’ll leave you be. Enjoy.

Arianny Celeste, Brittney Palmer, and Kenda Perez in Bikinis for UFC 360

I’m not sure what’s more eventful UFC news. Silva being knocked out by Weidman, or ridiculously hot ring girls Arianny Celeste, Brittney Palmer, and Kenda Perez all in bikinis for UFC 360 magazine. I can tell you which one has a bigger impact on my life. Oh, three fine ladies in two piece swimsuits flashing their world class sweet bodies. Mama said knock me out with a smile.

I’m not sure who first invented the ‘ring girl’ as a concept. But I would like to thank them in some meaningful way. The combination of blood sport and sextastic young ladies in bikinis truly is genius. And, an ogle-must. Just so fine. Enjoy.

Arianny Celeste, Brittney Palmer, and Kenda Perez Put the Eff’ Me in UFC With Sextastic Photoshoot

If you love mixed martial arts and just so happen to love smoking hot, super hot-bodied UFC rings girls and show hostesses, then you have come to the perfect place.

Arianny Celeste, Brittney Palmer, and Kenda Perez all got together for an Inside Fitness magazine photoshoot and now we have a chance to see behind the scenes of one amazing photographic experience at three ridiculously hot UFC girls putting their curves out into the Octagon of the sextastic. Three hot-bodied girls, sports, bikinis, behind the scenes peeks. It’s almost too much, if only too much were ever enough. Enjoy.

Kenda Perez from Fuel TV’s ‘Best of Pride Fighting Championships’ Visits Egotastic! We Turn To Soft Boiled Goo

Do you happen to love super hot girls who love MMA? Yeah, we thought so.

So do we. So when we got word that Kenda Perez, hottie host of Best of Pride Fighting Championships on Fuel TV, was coming to visit little old Egotastic!, well, first we blushed like schoolgirls, then we vomited, then we hid under our desk in the fetal position for approximately 87 minutes, but once we got talked out of it by our resident rehab counselor, we got super stoked. We love hot girls who dig sports, especially hands on, mano e mano action sports like MMA. (The hottie Latina element is just a bonus we could barely consider or else risk finding ourselves under the desk again.)

Of course, we insisted Kenda stay for a photoshoot, as we just happened to have our camera locked and loaded, and the lithesome super fit hostess even sat for an interview that was hella fun. When hot girls giggle, we melt into some type of mumbling goo. We’re not proud of it, nor can we control it.

Be sure to check out Kenda Perez on Fuel TV and check her out in this Exclusive Egotastic! photoshoot and ’2 Random Minutes With’ Video. Enjoy.

(P.S. Amazing photography by: Matthew Wardenaar)

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