Kayla Collins

We Saw Kayla Collins and Michelle McLaughlin Shopping For X-Mas Trees, Now Let’s See Them Topless and Hot in Playboy

Kayla Collins Topless Playboy Photoshoot
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Yep, it’s time for my favorite new game, perhaps yours too, where by morning we see one deliciously sextastic woman clothes, and by afternoon we get to see her bare her crazy hot wares. In this blessed case, two lovely lasses, Kayla Collins and Michelle McLaughlin, two buddy Playmates who went shopping for a knotty pine. Now it’s time for naughty pine, at least sappy visual wonderments courtesy of our friends at Playboy Plus and their vast library of crazy hot models and actresses.

Use That Dollar in Your Pocket to Explore the Playboy Plus Hot Nekkid Wonderland!

Yes, you may dare to dream that these two righteously fine females are coming to your house for hot cider and candy canes this Yuletide. I certainly am. But as a second best option, on the off chance that doesn’t come to fruition, settle yourself into the delights of seeing their nearly nekkid forms in brilliant color photography. Enjoy.

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Playmates Kayla Collins and Michelle McLaughlin Make Christmas Tree Shopping Tonguing Sexy Again

The weather may be a bit nippier than Pumpkin Patch time in Los Angeles, but don’t think the hot girls in the area aren’t going to turn the seasonal Christmas Tree lots into playgrounds for the sextastic as well. Everybody needs some public attention loving during the holidays.

At Mr. Jingles tree lot in Hollywood (and, yes, Mr. Jingles does sound like the name of a guy who spends suspiciously way too much time as a volunteer boys sports coach), Playmate buddies Kayla Collins and Michelle McLaughlin took to fooling around and messing with Santa as they picked out the perfect pine for what I like to imagine is their experimental lesbionic love nest. I have no reason to believe these two hotties are actually Sapphic leaning lovers, other than the reason of pure hope and fantasy.  Enjoy.

Photo credit: The Dollhouse Group