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Josie Goldberg Bikini Nip Slips in Miami; Reminds Us of Her Topless Playboy Shoot

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Hey, an Egotastic! man never forgets a nipple. In fact, you should be able to identify your favorite celebrities just by their headlights, if you want to consider yourself a well-trained ogler of the sextastic.

So, when we saw Josie Goldberg spill out of her bikini top on the beach in Miami yesterday, we immediately recognized nipple Exhibit A, and harkened back to her Playboy photoshoot, wherein those same lady nubs were fully and entirely exposed. Funny, we can’t remember our girlfriend’s birthday, but we can pick out Josie Goldberg’s nipples from a lineup. I suppose this is one of those things that makes us a ‘bad boyfriend’.

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Josie Goldberg Topless Bedroom Photoshoot for Playboy

Josie Goldberg Shows Off Her Body in a Cut-Out Swimsuit

Josie Goldberg Red and White Bikini Pictures in Miami

Josie Goldberg Bikini Pictures Continue For Our Full-Bodied Body Lovers

Don’t ever say we’re not The Giving Tree here. Our leaves the sextastic celebrity photos, the branches the peeks and pokes, our trunk the very essence of our All-Star photos, just, please, be considerate and don’t ask to drain us of our sap, that we leave to the professionals that work the side alley behind AM-PM mini-mart, where it turns out you can really order anything.

We receive so many positive letters from fans of Josie Goldberg, or, perhaps, just readers happy to see some more meaty celebrities in the typically half-starved Hollywood jungles. Reality TV big girl Josie Goldberg definitely is that. While not baring herself completely this time on Miami Beach, Josie Goldberg certainly shows plenty of skin, and she has plenty to show. Enjoy.

Josie Goldberg Drops Bikini Top for Ocean-Going Must-See Vessels

Josie Goldberg Topless Bikini in Miami
Thank God It's Funbags

I can read minds. And I know what you’re thinking this morning. How on earth can you get your eyes a’feasting on some more of that full-bodied Josie Goldberg girl who’s always taking her top off. I’m pretty close, right?

Well, today is your lucky day. As if just being a Friday weren’t enough, the ever-celeb-populated beach in Miami found itself yet another visual pairing this week with the reality star turned, well, nothing really yet, Josie Goldberg, getting all kinds of European on the beach, flashing her funbags for the general ogling audience, and sending at least some of you curvaceous lustin’ readers into something of a body-spazzum. Josie is not necessarily the hottest bikini body we’ve seen come out of the amazing sites of Miami these past couple of weeks, but she certainly is the most robust. Enjoy.

Josie Goldberg Wardrobe Malfunctions Make Lycra Cry All Over Her Big-Boned Body



If you love chunky Chosen girls from Russia, then you’re already in secret and dark lust with reality show everywhere Josie Goldberg, who has had the ignominious distinction of making a few ‘worst celebrity bikini body’ lists. But, I say, give a big girl a chance. Especially when she’s still trying to fit into the old bathing suit from her skinnier jeans days and the wardrobe malfunctions are happening top and bottom, with nipple slips above and some kind of swimsuit-munching carpet wedgie below; there’s a lot going on here. The day before, Josie was also flashing her full-figured flesh mounds in a blue bikini, and, what the heck, since we’re introducing Josie today by way of funbaggery, we threw in some topless beach photos of her from over this past summer.

Apparently, Josie’s been hitting the bacon and cheese side of the salad bar a little too heavy (you know that side, don’t you?), but what can be said of a bouncy flouncy big-boobed celebrity other than you don’t have to worry about any sharp edges. Enjoy.