Josephine Skriver

Josephine Skriver Looking Sexy In Swimwear For Next

Danish hottie Josephine Skriver was looking beachy sexy in a series of swimwear shots for Next. Josephine is one of those tall Scandinavian beauties that you need a ladder to climb up to give her a kiss. But further down the mountain is a truly terrific pair of ta-tas. They aren’t super huge but look perfect with her frame. Proportion is beauty, if you recall from your undergrad art history class. My favorite has got to be the pink bikini top. It is the outfit that gives her the most killer cleav. I really need to get over to those Scandinavian countries. I hear the girls sunbathe topless in the parks in the summertime. They are much more sophisticated about public displays of boobage than we are here in the States.

Me, I’m solidly for letting those puppies fly free. Sure, you’ll probably see some not so nice ones that you wish you hadn’t but it would be worth it for the truly righteous funbags like Josephine’s.

Photo Credit: Next

And the After Party… Victoria’s Secret Models Returning to their London Hotel Post-Fashion Show

If you consider yourself a true connoisseur of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, then you know the finer moments often occur after the show is over, when the girls get decked out for the after party, all swank and gowned out over the lovely little silky bits they modeled earlier.

Candice Swanepoel and a bevy of other Euro-model beauties tasked with catwalking in bra and panties headed back to the hotel for what can only be described as the best party you never got invited to. Or if you did, I hope you took pictures in and around the ladies powder room. A job well done by the ladies earlier in the evening, time to let loose later in the evening. There’s really nothing better than a room full of the world’s most sextastic women looking to unwind after work. This is the true Happy Hour. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet

Josephine Skriver Topless Natural Hotness for Allure

Josephine Skriver Topless Shoot in Allure Russia 2014
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If you happened to notice the almost six foot tall lithesome Danish hottie in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last fall, that was Josephine Skriver, a Danish delight of an entirely different and high fashion sort. The 21-year old is gaining major traction in European modeling circles so I think it’s about time we see her topless from the pages of Allure Russia.

I’m not suggesting that every man should have themselves a model hot young girlfriend with a perfect slender style body, but I am suggesting that almost all men should. Naturally, some prefer the buxom bouncy ladies. Or like me, they’re poly-hot-bodyists who like women in all shapes and sizes. But if you happen to see Josephine Skriver coming up in your profile searches, you could do worse. A lot worse. Enjoy.

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Josephine Skriver Gets a Little Topless in Black and White for the Fat Man

Josephine Skriver Topless Black and White Shoot in Fat Man Magazine #1
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That would be Fat Man magazine, not necessarily for one of the seventeen nicknames my dad used to call me when he’d come home late from the Buffalo Lodge. Either way, the alluring Danish model Josephine Skriver is posing her black and white and hot all over female form in this periodical for the benefit of people who happen to love sextastic Scandinavians in various forms of undress. I’ll go ahead and peg that number around here at one-hundred percent.

While I’m a color-blind man who really digs color, I have to say, without sounding artsy or snotty, of which I am only one, this black and white photography really can bring out the true beauty in, well, truly beautiful women. I wouldn’t go for it unless I was quite certain I fell into that category. But for the cream of the crop blessed with the genetics of a Josehine Skriver, it really is rather stunning. Though, let’s do the full nekkids in color please. Enjoy.

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Josephine Skriver Topless Danish Slender Goodness in Black and White

Josephine Skriver Topless Black and White Shoot in Lui Magazine December 2013
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Danish powerhouse model Josephine Skriver may just be twenty years of age, but she’s got the eyes of a woman at least two years older. A hidden maturity behind her slender wicked hot body shown off in black and white on the pages of Lui magazine.

This being a European visual adventure, of course, there had to be a male model involved as well, though we do try to limit your exposure to dude at every turn on these here pages. Not that Josephine isn’t naturally probably surrounded by male suitors most of her waking day, a popularity I imagine will hardly dwindle as she now shows off her bare top in these rather stunning photos. Hot topless Danish women have been known to float my boat before. I certainly feel something rising. Enjoy.

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