Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster Is Back in Jeans and a Tank Top on the Set of Fast and Furious 7

I guess that answers that. There are between one and twenty-five more Fast and Furious films coming out in the future. Fast cars and guns and hot girls never truly gets old, even if the storylines tire. Point of fact, Jordana Brewster is back in tight jeans on the set of the latest sequel being filmed, which means both that I'll be closely tracking on set visuals during production, but also inevitably going to be buying a ticket to #7 when it comes out.

I'm a sucker for Jordana Brewster hot body and alluring looks. Even if they got rid of the hot rods and grenade launches and Vin Diesel trying to emote, I'd gladly watch two hours of Jordana changing in and out of various tough girl skintight outfits. Tight jeans, leather riding suits, spandex, let's do this Jordana. Modern cinema needs you now more than ever. Enjoy.

Jordana Brewster Crazy Hot and Covered Topless in GQ

We simply don't get to see Jordana Brewster nearly often enough.

The Fast and the Furious brunette hottie goes in and out of hiding, sort of as her character in the film franchise, but something hard for her long time ogling fans here to abide. Now, Jordana is back to pictorial goodness in her spread in GQ Mexico, which features the lean sextastic thespianic covered topless and in various other states of tempting repose. Sultry good looks should never be put in the corner. Not when there are so many fine soft edges to be explored. Enjoy.

Jordana Brewster Fast Booty and Furious Camel Toe Highlight Her Trip to the Gym

We don't get to see much of Jordana Brewster these days, but that doesn't mean the young 30-something actress who we've been imagining manually shifting our gears for over ten years now, isn't still on one of the top lists of women we'd like to cover in Jelly, ourselves in Peanut Butter, and create an entirely unsanitary version of Smuckers Goobers. Wow, two horrible sexual double entendres in one sentence, you know we're in love!

And with the sight of Jordana's camel toe peaking (and peeking and i guess also piquing) out of the tight tent of her stretch pants, not to mention a quick glance at her toned booty, well I don't see Jordana's name leaving any of our lists any time soon. You keep working out, Jordana, and we'll keep watching, hopefully, next time, in the locker room. Enjoy.

Jordana Brewster Should Never Not Wear Shorts

I must admit, long time exotic brunette crush Jordana Brewster had some serious competition in Fast 5 for hottest girl on the screen; still, I'd never turn down an extended opportunity to leer, ogle, and even shave and or bathe in milk her delicious legs, from toe to, well, after hours spots. Even though this sextastic actress tends to disappear for long stretches between films, her hot body and lust-inducing leg limbs will be forever etched upon my retinal cones; long, lanky, toned -- plumb. Enjoy.

Jordana Brewster Bikini Photoshoot Behind the Scenes with Maxim (VIDEO)

Fast Five can't come out fast enough. I miss me my Jordana Brewster something awful since seeing her pictorial spread in Maxim last week. Now, with this fuller look behind the scenes of that photoshoot, I find myself wanting even more. I'm not sure where she goes between movie jobs, but I wish it were my backyard, around my inflatable pool, wearing nothing but a tiny bikini and a salacious smile, waiting for me to suntan the spots she can't reach. I'd dislocate my left shoulder as needed to apply a greasy, yet sun protecting slather to the sexy half-Latina hottie. Fast Five. Bring it on. Enjoy.

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Jordana Brewster Bikini Furious in Maxim

A few more weeks now until Fast Five hits the theaters and I find myself kind of geeked. Not necessarily to just see Vin Diesel and Paul Walker try to out-man-husky-gravel-voice each other, or even the anticipated wicked car rides, but, for the return of the seemingly hidden Jordana Brewster, who we just never see nearly enough. Thankfully, the pimpmeisters behind the film got Jordana on publicity duty, which entailed a super hot swimsuit photo spread for our friends at Maxim. Hot new Jordana Brewster bikini pictures. Now, that's furious (what's going to happen fast is strictly my own business). Enjoy.

Jordana Brewster Bikini Pictures Gear Up For Fast and Furious

There was this older kid on our block growing up, Mames Fortunado, who disappeared during high school. He didn't runaway or wasn't accused of any crime like the Fugitive, he just... poof... disappeared. If you asked Mames' mom, she'd confirm with a nod that Mames just 'done disappeared'. Three years to the day, Mames returns, without a word or warning, and he looks like a new man. New 'do, designer clothes, his teen skin cleared up. Mames' mom told the entire block that 'Mames had undisappeared' and that was the end of discussion. We were warned that asking any additional questions would be considered beyond rude. The Mames tale became near legendary on our block, to the point that any time somebody was inexplicably absent, he'd be listed as 'gone Mames'

I really thought Jordana Brewster had gone Mames, but she's undisappeared, in a big bikini way, on the beaches of Rio, preparing her body for the upcoming Fast and Furious number five I think we're on now. We haven't see Jordana Brewster in, well, just about forever, but she doesn't appear to have lost a step in the hotness of mind, body, and soul department. It's a wonderful thing when sexy celebrities reappear on the Egotastic! landscape, like a heavenly blessing answered with boobs and butts. Enjoy.

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