Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane and Leanna Decker Topless Beach Bikini Frolicking Tickles My Various Fancies

Jesse Jane and Leanna Decker Topless for a Shoot In Malibu
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Our favorite hottie west coast photographer Raquel Rischard got herself two of her equally tantalizing girl friends in adult star Jesse Jane and Playboy hottie Leanna Decker to hit the beach in Malibu and basically give every man within ten miles a sudden stroke. I mean, the medical kind, not the… you know. Though it’s quite possible one did lead to the other upon sighting Jesse and Leanna taking off their bikini tops, rubbing chesty goodness together, and generally acting out a dream I’ve had since I was eleven. Oh, my, that sand is everywhere.

I’m not exactly sure if they were shooting for that silly water company or something of a more inspiring visual reason, but suffice it to say, if you happen to come across the likes of Jesse Jane and Leanna Decker frolicking topless on the beach on your next trip to the shore, you’ll probably just move into a sand castle and stay a couple years. Enjoy.

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Jesse Jane Wins the AVN After Party Awards With Major Cleave

The adult entertainment industry (read as: porn) celebrated themselves this weekend in Las Vegas. And why not, their films are watched about 10 to a million times more often than Philomena or 12 Years a Slave or what have you. In terms of popularity, there’s no contest. So, all the big names in adult film got together to slap each other on the back, and other body parts that make them moan loudly. It’s always quite the event in Sin City. True sin finally.

While the award show was faptastic, the after-parties are where the lovely ladies of mature themed entertainment really let their assets fly, including Jesse Jane who stole the red carpet at the AVN after-party at Pure Nightclub. Finally, a true pimpstress pimping out a Vegas party. No bones about this girl’s onscreen roles. Well, maybe a bone or two. People easily take the producers of our finest cinema for granted. But for one weekend a year, I think it’s worthy to say thanks to the enablers of spank. Enjoy.