Jaimie Alexander

Jaimie Alexander Leggy In All Black Short Dress And Knee High Boots In LA

The delectable Jaimie Alexander was looking leggy as F in a short black dress and some knee high boots. I will freely admit that I have a thing for ladies in tall boots. It’s not that I’m in to being dominated like a dude version of the chick from 50 Shades of Grey, I just think they are sexy. Jaimie is certainly getting my pressure up. It helps when you have a truly spectacular pair of stems like she does. I’ve been a fan of those legs since I first saw them in the Thor movies. I would fully belief that they were forged in the hot leg foundries of Valhalla. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to one day be welcomed into the hall of heroes by having Jaimie’s spectacular legs wrapped around me…

But I digress. What I do know is that she should never wear pants. Covering up those bad boys would be a sin.

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Jaimie Alexander Knee High Boots and Hot Legs, Take Me Now, Jesus

Thor and Agents of SHIELD hottie Jaimie Alexander didn’t give us much, but when boots and legs are involved, I will grovel. Oh, how I will grovel.

The brunette hottie dazzled the libidinal senses with some knee high boots that had me thinking what it must be like to be her faithful man servant, tasked with cleaning her every intimate nook and cranny. Of her home I mean. And occasionally the mistress as needed or ordered. We really do need to see much more of Jaimie, and if one thousand candles I light nightly doesn’t do the trick, I suppose long range lenses might do the trick. Surely a woman of this faptastic stature must revel in checking herself out in the mirror routinely. The sextastic is a gift you don’t just store in the closet and take out when the giver makes a visit. Oh, no, you leer and preen and you touch. Especially if it’s all yours. Enjoy.

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Jaimie Alexander See-Through Sextastic on the ‘Thor Dark World’ Red Carpet

It’s time for Jaimie Alexander to shine. Her big role in the upcoming Thor: The Dark World is going to cast this brunette hottie into the spotlight once and for all. So why not break big by breaking red hot and showy on the red carpet of the film’s big L.A. premiere last night. Jaimie wore a see-through dress of sorts that left a little to the imagination, but seemed to show off quite a bit more perhaps than she anticipated.

It was a finely worked symphony of potential wardrobe malfunctions. And while we’d of course just assume see the fine thespianic completely unclad, this little number did provide us the chance for a little peekaboo gamesmanship that makes our visual courtship all the much sweeter.

You will be hearing, and more importantly, seeing, much more of Jaimie around these parts. This is a good thing. Enjoy.

Jaimie Alexander Looks Stunning at ‘The Last Stand’ London Premiere

Hayley Atwell Boobtastic Leads Pack of Hotties at Captain America Premiere

Who’s going to see Captain America? He is the first Avenger after all. I shall be there with bells on my toes and binoculars on my eyes, to see an even larger version of the quite spectacular Hayley Atwell bosom, on fine display last night at the Hollywood premiere of Captain America.

Joining the female co-star and all around hottie on the red carpet were fellow sextastic celebrities Jaime Alexander, Amanda Righetti, Francia Raisa, Jamie Chung, Maria Menounos, Vanessa Hudgens and Zoe Saldana. It was a veritable buffet of decked-out sexy celebrities. Does this mean the movie will be any good? We shall see. But for now, consider Egotastic! quite thumbs up. Enjoy.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Leads Gaggle of Sexy Celebs at Maxim Hot 100 Party

First you name the list of hotties, then you invite them all to a party. Well, most of them, I mean, you can’t just fill a room with 100 of the world’s hottest women, except in the Matrix like reaches of REM sleep male libido. But a good number showed up last night for the Maxim Hot 100 party in Los Angeles where the super sexy mixed with the B-level male celebrities in an uncomfortable mix of Hollywood caste system reality (you see, the talent pool stretches so deep here in Tinsel Town, hotness alone simply does not buy you into movie star land). Neverthless, hotness does buy you a ticket into full exposure on Egotastic!, so the world’s gentlemen oglers can appreciate the celebrity fineries on display last evening.

Of course, let by this year’s Maxim sexiest winner, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the Hot 100 party also contained the eye-popping likes of Olivia Munn, Keri Hilson, Dania Ramirez, Joanna Krupa, Nicky Whelan, Jaime Alexander, Alessandra Torresani (now a blonde), Arianny Celeste, Rebecca Mader, and Sophie Monk. Now, that’s a hot-tub full of hotness I’d like to mulder in. Enjoy.

By Asgard’s Hammer! Kat Dennings Brings Some Mythical Funbags Out to Play at Thor Premiere

Okay, so it wasn’t just Kat Dennings looking spectacularly sextastic at last night’s Thor premiere; Gillian Jacobs, Elsa Patakay, and Jaimie Alexander all struck some ogle worthy poses in their own right, but it was Kat Dennings epic Valhalla guns that causes many a man to lose an eye on the red carpet. I mean, Odin himself was shape shifting into an excited animal upon laying eyes upon those flesh puppies. As to the movie, ah, we shall see come this Friday when the hammer-wielding Nordic takes to the theaters. Enjoy.