Jade Foret

Jade Foret Bikini Preggo Perfection in Miami

Continuing to feed my fetish affection for all things hot and preggo in a bikinis, Belgian model and soon to be billionaire baby mama Jade Foret continues to stroll around Miami Beach in regularly small sized bikinis to flash her ever swelling professionally approved female form.

Sure, send your letters about how pregnant women belong in dark, locked closets or such. And, let me admit, that it’s not exactly like all celebrity hotties look great when with child (cough cough Jessica Simpson), but, Jade Foret looks downright fertile and faptastic, in this humble ogler’s opinion. So, unleash your fury, I’ll be the guy smiling hiding behind the engorging mams of soon to be hot mama Jade Foret.

Jade Foret Bikini Pictures Are Pregnant With Anticipation

I’m one day going to stop apologizing for my lust of all things pregnant hot women and just go on about my personal passion without the shame. Albeit, the shame does add a nice dollop of mustard to my lust-filled brat, as it were.

Belgian hottie model Jade Foret is either married to or not yet married to the French billionaire who is 2.5 times her age and about a foot shorter. I can’t bother to check. I can tell you with my eyes alone she is going to be having his baby at some point in the not too distant future. I’ve been scanning these slightly swollen bikini pictures of Jade all morning like a doctor performing an exam. Only, I’m not a licensed physician, I’m not even qualified to be a patient. But I know hot bodies, and this one is getting bigger and hotter by the hour. Enjoy.

Jade Foret Stripety Bikini is Magically Delicious in Miami (And Her Black Bikini May Be Even Hotter)

Jade Foret is one wicked hot euro-model. As such, she’s been obliged to do the typical hot euro-model things. Start modeling at a crazy young age for one. Get involved with famous soccer players. And, ultimately marry a wealthy French businessman from an old money family. They just don’t ever end up with the horny bloggers, do they? C’est la vie.

But, we still get to look. At Jade’s rather memorably, million-dollar worthy body, in red and white stripes on the beach in Miami, where the rich and famous, and the poor men with binoculars, go to delight in showing off and scoping out during the summer months. It’s a little hot in South Beach this time of year. Jade Foret’s arrival made it just a little bit steamier. Check her out, welcome her to Egotastic!, and dream of being a wealthy French businessman I suppose. Enjoy.

Jade Foret Wears a Black Bikini at the Beach in Miami

Jade Foret Hot, Wet, Preggo Bikini Pictures Remind Us Why It’s Good to Be Rich

In case you’re not up to date on your hot Belgian models, well, Jade Foret is one of them to say the least. The 21-year old is just smoking hot and now apparently with child courtesy of her 52-year old rich media mogul French ‘life partner, Arnaud Lagardère, although I’m sure his CEO status and bazillion dollars have nothing to do with said life partnership.

Seeing Jade Foret this week on the beach in Miami, all water nymphy and super bodied hot and literally full of life, I can’t help but remember my own dream of becoming a man of means, a man who hot women would speak of thusly, ‘Who care if he doesn’t change his socks and watches sports all day, he’s rich, so I shall bang him thrice daily.’ Oh, what a dream that was. Enjoy.

Jade Foret Yellow Bikini Pictures in Miami

Jade Foret Purple Swimsuit in Miami