Indonesia Riera

Indonesia Riera Wedding Night Fantasies

We had quite the strong response to the few pictures we posted of Sudamericana model Indonesia Riera earlier this week, so, what the heck, it’s Friday, let’s go to town with more of this amazingly hot Latina from Urbe magazine, this time in some lacy wedding night underthings that are guaranteed to globally warm your equatorial regions. Lookout Venezuela, Papi’s coming! Disfruta.

Indonesia Riera Brings the Venezuelan Body Heat

Our tour of Latin American celebrity hotness led us to the shores of Venezuela (wait, are there shores of Venezuela?) where we met sweet sexy model and TV personality Indonesia Riera. My general rule is that when a woman is named after a geographic location, she’s not going to be hot (and the reverse for girls named after meteorological or climatological condition, i.e., Summer, Savanna, Autumn, Stormy), but Indonesia Riera certainly bucks this trend. Dang, damn, dang, this Sudamericana is en fuego, in this pictures for Urbe Bikini magazine, a damn fine periodical to say the least. Enjoy.

And, a little in-motion action of the hot Indonesia Riera:

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