Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere Brought the Knockout Legs to Ringside Seats in Germany

Hayden Panettiere somehow manages to have long luscious legs despite her diminutive stature, quite a bit shorter than her tall boxing boyfriend that she went to go watch pummel some dude in Germany over the weekend. I can imagine it’s inspiring as a fighter knowing that your prize and her sweet lady stems are waiting for you after the fight as your reward for pre-fight abstinence. I’d go for the knockout blow too and then back to the hotel room for a little nursing of the wounds with Hayden. That must be nice, especially after a victory in the ring. Though I’d take some sympathy comfort after a loss equally as well.

For all the professional ring girls in the world, many of them quite alluring, I’ll take petite hottie Hayden by my turnbuckle, showing off her legs and giving me visions of an interesting evening ahead. I think with proper motivation I could be a world class boxer too, or maybe get off the couch before 10am or something dramatic like that. Enjoy.

Hayden Panettiere Stellar Hot in Cosmo

I’m happy but sad checking out these photos of the wickedly alluring blonde minx hottie Hayden Panettiere. Yes, she manages to look like some amazingly tall model once again, despite being diminutive in statute, she’s not the least bit short on compelling naughty thoughts in men. However, I can’t help but note Hayden was shooting just blocks from my location, and didn’t apparently have the time to drop in and say hello or even just for a short nekkid sauna and hot rock rub down. I certainly would’ve done it for her.

I’ll probably get over this snubbing after about four more peeks of these photos from Cosmo UK. Hayden has been all over the place lately, in various forms of hotness. I think this is a sign that spring is near. Or maybe that we should just starting mating more frequently. Hayden always gives me that feeling. Enjoy.

Hayden Panettiere Crazy Hot Legs on The Boulevard

For a shortie hottie, Hayden Panettiere sure has some long legs.

Before the alluring minx gets taken off the market by some big boxer dude who could hurt me badly, I’m going to get in at least one long awesome stare at her passion inducing female form, one of the longest petite girls out there, in this case, in the street for a Sonya Jasinski photoshoot. Dang, those stems are killing me. Maybe Hayden will have some second thoughts about her lifelong commitment to another man. Or just expedite the Hollywood short term marriage process and give up the ghost after a couple or three months. Enjoy.

Hayden Panettiere Makes Marriage Look Kind of Fun, For One Night at Least

Oh, these bridal magazines, they are quite sinister. I could see how women peruse these periodicals and dream of nothing but their wedding day. As a man, I can see the delicious sprite Hayden Panettiere in a white gown and think to myself, hey, getting hitched looks like it could be fun. That’s really the dilemma right there. Not that I’m discouraging people from exchanging vows, it’s just always struck me as a big step that ought be taken with the careful consideration of say, decades worth of pondering, prior to actual commitment.

But, man, seeing Hayden in her little matrimonial get up, I can imagine a wedding night for the ages. A honeymoon that would barely be recovered from. And a marriage of anywhere from two days to nine months before the backstabbing and bickering forced us to issue a public relations statement about how we’re going to remain great friends. That is the dream. Enjoy.

Hayden Panettiere Deep Cleavage for Deep Giving at Charity Auction

I’m not exactly sure what the RED auction in New York was for last night, but I do know that Hayden Panettiere brought her big open heart to the even, intent to show it off with a very low cut revealing dress, flashing a ton of sweet Hayden cleavage on the red carpet. It certainly put me into the giving mood. I just gave ten minutes away to staring lecherously at the little minx’s faptastic hot body.

It’s not fair to say that Hayden Panettiere is underrated, since so many of you lust so deeply for the bosomy petite thespianic. But it’s fair to say she is left off most top hotties lists toward the end of the year. Maybe because of her diminutive statures or maybe everybody is just scared they will misspell her last name as I do half the time. But she deserves recognition. And if she has to keep showing off her boobtastic to get that done, so be it. And good. Enjoy.

Hayden Panettiere Sheer Black Lace Minxiness for Environmental Awards

Hayden Panettiere could wear a burqa and still give a million men an erection lasting longer than four hours. Put her in some black lace for the Environmental Media Awards, which sound super serious and important, and she’s raking in even more tingles.

It doesn’t take much from this minxy little blonde to feel the blood coursing through the various veins. Of course, we’d prefer to see Hayden without any clothes on at all. But maybe you can be the first one to ask her boxer boyfriend permission. After you’re knocked out and the beast is tired, I’ll run away with Hayden. Enjoy.


Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures Minxy Buxom Hot in Miami

Whoa, baby. Good things might come in threes, but I’m seeing two glorious things on Hayden Panettiere, the minxy little busty blonde sextastic, gifting us with some outstanding visuals of her curvy goodness in Miami over the Labor Day holiday. We all know Hayden got a little something something of a inflation in the chestal area, and the girl is not shy about showing off her bodacious top in some cleavy bikinis. Lucky gentleman oglers this weekend on Miami Beach to say the least.

Okay, I’m still going to grumble a bit about working on the holiday. But Hayden’s wet and splishy splashy ta-tas and bikini clad booty, well, that makes the pain all suddenly wash away. Enjoy.