Hailee Steinfeld

More Hailee Steinfeld Sleek Modeling Hotness

Just when you fall in lust with now 18-year old Hailee Steinfeld photos from Dani Brubaker, along come some more from the set even more sextastic than the previous. Life is like that sometimes. Like a box of chocolates if you really wanted to do some naughty things with your box of chocolates.

Hailee Steinfeld is one of those girls we’re going to see getting all grow’d up in photos and onscreen. Her future is bright talent wise, and as she matures into a woman who can carry off these kinds of alluring shoots with even greater knowing appeal, she should start booking better and bigger gigs. This like seeing the bean sprout before it grows into whatever bean sprouts grow into. I really am feeling blessed. Hailee Steinfeld, I’ve got my eyes on you. Feel the burn. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Dani Brubaker

Hailee Steinfeld Growing Up Gorgeous and See-Through

Cousin Jonathan used to call her Little Hailee Steinfeld around the office. Until I put him in the punishment box and he came to see the light. There is no little, only potential for growth, especially when it comes to growing up all sweet and sextastic. Hailee Steinfeld made her big debut in the Coen Brothers remake of True Grit. She’s done a few project since, but I think she’s mostly been waiting to blossom at the right time. Now is that time.

Featured in a see-through dress in this Dani Brubaker photshoot, the glamorous now barely legal Hailee shows the full potential of a girl on the verge of giving me a nervous breakdown. I waited a long time for that line, work with me here. She caterpillar’d through some of her teen years and came out looking like the butterfly that we can only hope soon spread its wings in indie films with cinema verite type nekkidness. Without dreams, what are we really? I’m so happy for both of us, Little Hailee Steinfeld. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Dani Brubaker

Hailee Steinfeld Bares Midriff and Legs While Filming ‘Can a Song Save Your Life’

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Future Hotties of Hollywood Gather For Teen Vogue’s Young Celebrity Shindig

The NFL has the college ranks. MLB, the minor leagues. And sexy celebrities’ Hottieville has the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party, the magazine’s annual event to honor the future ogle-worthy candidates of Tinsel Town Tomorrow, featuring the younger celebs just breaking it on a show or two or three today, guaranteed (not quite) to be on your futures sextastic list come age of legal tender and such.

Though not technically a teen any longer, Sarah Hyland wins my prize (and my lower heart lust strings) for hottie of the evening, a veritable red carpet of coming of age genetic superiors that included Christa Allen, Claire Holt, Hailee Steinfeld, Jessica Lowndes, Megan Park, Rachel Fox, and Stella Hudgens (Vanessa’s younger sister). Remember these names if you do not know them yet; you will be seeing much of all of them in the coming years I highly suspect. Enjoy.

The Upside of Glee in 3D — Red Carpet Hotness

Honestly, if you’re going to see Glee in 3D, you’re on your own, out of the tribe, in short, keep it your dark secret and tell nobody. Just know that somewhere out there, your middle school gym teacher is crying.

However, on the flipside, Glee definitely brings out the hotties when it comes to the show, or this craptastic movie musical spectacular, so, all is forgiven. Last night’s premiere brought out the likes of show stars Dianna Agron, Lea Michele, and Jayma Mays, as well as sexy Sarah Hyland and cute-as-a-future-hottie-button, Hailee Steinfeld. Enjoy.

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