Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid Crazy Hot and Bare for V

I’ve died and gone to Gigi Hadid heaven. Wow. This young model is not only career on fire, she’s hot bodied en fuego. And considering she’s wearing no clothes in this racy shoot for V magazine, I can say most definitely I’m experiencing the flames of passion from every nekkid inch of her perfect body.

We’ve seen Gigi wearing more and more revealing outfits for her recent shoots, but this still is the most pleasant kind of surprise, ogling her bare bottom and connected parts thereof as if she were dropped down by the angels of the sextastic and placed into leer worthy position. Wow again. I believe this is how men officially lose their marbles. Also, their… yeah, nevermind. Sorry, children. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: V Magazine

Gigi Hadid Upskirt Panty Peek While Filming A Commercial

Sexy person Gigi Hadid showed off more than a little skin during a shoot for a commercial recently. Her skirt, which was cut passed her no-no spot, opened like the curtains of a theater to show her lovely pink panties to the world. Is there anything in this world that can stop a man, any man, in his tracks like a peek at some underwear? I doubt it. Maybe some ample cleavage. Speaking of which, these pics have that too. Gigi is wearing a tank top in some in which you can not only see some killer cleave but also a bit of sideboob as well. That would be plenty for any normal gallery, but this one has more hot stuff in it. Take for example Gigi in a skin tight leather pants on a motorcycle.

Need I say more? I’m all about Gigi. Not only is her name fun to say but she’s also one of the hottest women on the planet. The whole planet. Believe it.

Photo Credit: Splash

Gigi Hadid Even More Bikini Hotness, This Time With Stripes!

There’s perhaps no model as triple to quadruple booked these days than Gigi Hadid. The now twenty year old has a body in very high demand. I believe you know the answer to the question as to why. She was once more shooting bikini looks for somebody or other, flying the red white and blue and other bikini colors on her tops and bottoms and flashing one simply faptastic model form. She’s a natural.

I’m pretty sure she shot three major campaigns just this week. With zero campaigns of any kind to my name, she’s already bested my fledgling yet super long and unpaid modeling career. I have to give her the advantage in looks, body, smile, and passion inducement. She probably has better spelling skills too. I’m such a low bar as it turns out. But boy, would I make Gigi Hadid happy in ways that her tall hunky rich boyfriends of past, present, and future never will. I know secrets that drive women wild. Well, more angry than wild, but aroused just the same. Gigi, look me up, I’m on Tinder. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews

Gigi Hadid Bikini Heavenly Hot Model Body Views Keep on Keeping On

The bikini modeling shots just keep on hotly rolling along for the now twenty-year old Gigi Hadid for whom there is no bikini too small or tight to highlight her incredibly hot body.

Gigi Hadid is headed for super stardom one sextastic photoshoot at a time. Let’s start with bikinis and quickly move our way up to lingerie and then some glamorous black and white nudes. I kind of have it all planned out in my mind. Somebody needs to iCal these milestones before she turns 21. The professional lifespan of a model is short. We’ll be leering at her for years to come but we lack patience. Let’s move this along now, Gigi. The world has expectations more important than your internal timelines. What a body. Bikini ahoy! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Gigi Hadid Bikini Body Model Hot Stuff for Her 20th Birthday

Gigi Hadid has taken the modeling world by storm leading up to her 20th birthday where, why not, a major league pose down in various bikinis and swimsuits showing off her faptastic fine form. She was born to model. Literally, her mom a Euro model in her own right. Gigi, not much for the schooling, but heavy on the landing modeling gigs left and right because she’s got the right look and most definitely the right body. This along with her younger sister also engaged in the fine art of exhibitionism.

Just turning 20 today, Gigi is certainly one of the big alluring fish on the horizon of supermodel stardom. Leering at her booty and body as I am ever so respectfully while baking her a cake, I see absolutely no reason why she won’t be modeling the world’s top bikini, lingerie, and revealing fashion lines in short order. For my 20th birthday, my car got repossessed. I’d have to say Gigi is doing better, albeit my friends felt bad and took me out to Applebees for anything I wanted under ten dollars. So maybe even. Happy Birthday, Gigi. Let me know when you’re ready for the spanking machine. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: INF


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Gigi Hadid Flashes Panties and Saucy Sextastic for Pop Magazine

I pretty much love everything Gigi Hadid does these days. I don’t know, maybe she’s torturing puppies when I’m not looking. I only know when I am leering faithfully she always seems to be posed in various stages of nineteen year old model undress and teasing something awful for the cameras. That’s awful meaning awesome, like bad meaning good.

In her latest venture for Pop magazine, Gigi is flashing an intense amount of attitude not to mention her quite divine panties in an effort to show you that while modeling may be about more than a young sextastic woman baring her wares, it’s not about much more than that. It’s kind of the core. And, man, just look at her core. Gigi Hadid is a rocket headed straight toward the hottie version of stardom. Nothing can derail her now, save possible for wearing too many clothes. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Tyrone Lebon For Pop Magazine