Gemma Massey

Gemma Massey Topless Striptease Has Made My Week

Gemma Massey Strips Off Her Lingerie and Goes Topless
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Gemma Massey, where have you and your ridiculously hot body been all my life, or at least the last time I had five minutes to myself in a semi-private space.

We’ve spied glamour model Gemma before, but it’s been a while, too long a while, for this bodacious hottie has all the makings of the queen of my realm. I’d gladly serve her the minute her top came off, for she is a master of the art of the sextastic reveal. I suppose Gemma might insist I do some cleaning and other menial services about her flat for the chance to be her humble servant. It seems like a fair trade by the looks of Gemma and that salacious smile.  Enjoy.

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Maria Fowler and Gemma Massey Smack Liverpool in the Face With Cleavage

I’ve got to give it up to Britain. Though the Empire ain’t what it used to be, they continue to dominate the world in mighty hot chesty glamour girls flashing their wares either for the cameras, for their high profile pro athlete boyfriends, or, just us vagabonds for free on the street, as was the case when our be-lusted Maria Fowler and naughty pin-up girl pal Gemma Massey hit the clubs in Liverpool for a night out, to let their puppies feel the brisk evening air.

I can only imagine the glorious fun the girls had adjusting their fun bags ever so perfectly in their revealing dresses before heading out on the town. Man, how I’d like to be a fly lowering my fly on that wall. Just mounds and mounds of delicious flesh pressed and smooshed ever so delightfully into a public showing of all that is decent. All hail the cleavetastic! Enjoy.