Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais Topless Playboy Pictorial To Herald the Must-Have Valentine’s Day Deal

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon Topless on a Boat for Playboy
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EgoReaders: Sign Up for Playboy Plus for just $6.25/month for Valentine’s Day

Garcelle-Beauvais-and-Other-Nekkid-Celebs on Playboy PlusFor the lovely ladies who peruse our pages, and for the guys out there who know they’re not going to get what they want for Valentine’s Day, for both of you, we have arranged with our friends at PlayboyPlus for one sickly sextacular membership discount for the V-Day holiday, for Playboy’s lowest price ever, and that’s a long time, just $6.25/month.

I spend more than that on sugar-free gum a month and sugar-free gum doesn’t make me warm and tingly and happy all over like hundreds of thousands of pictures and videos of nekkid hot celebrities and models do. Mostly just makes me burp.

For a little taste of things to come should you join up, check out Garcelle Beauvais, an underrated sultry thespianic, in her classic topless shoot for Playboy. Hard to imagine Garcelle’s husband was cheating on her during the time of this photoshoot. But, hey, men, what can you do? Am I right? Enjoy.

Cameron Diaz Leads List of Celebrity Hotties at Green Hornet Premiere

Cameron Diaz led the pack of sexy celebrities at last night’s Green Hornet premiere, which is saying something for Cameron considering she just finished an extended holiday with A-Rod body knocking the living stuffing out of her slender frame. (I know that seems rather crude to say, but, trust me, if I hadn’t promised my priest no F-word for an entire month, I would’ve been more direct with my analysis.) Other sextastic celebrities at last night’s event included Sophia Bush, Garcelle Beauvais, and Nicole Dabeau. Enjoy.

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