Floppy Tesouro

Floppy Tesouro Bikini Photoshoot in Miami Gets Hot and Sloppy

You know of our amor for all things Argentinean model hot and Floppy Tesouro related. Presumably, her catchy, but not altogether flattering first name translates better in the Spanish speaking world, but what most definitely translates perfectly is her wicked hot body and alluring passion inducing bikini charms.

The former Big Brother contestant and all-around hottie beachy model made it look easy in Miami, flashing sultry Latina booty and boobtastic that just makes us all kinds of dying to see the photo results (which I’m sure we will). Never count out an Argentinean in a booty battle. You will surely be left eating your words and drooling over her cheeks. Enjoy.

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We’ve made it to Friday, but nobody makes it anywhere in life alone. It takes a village, not to raise a child necessarily, but to assemble the morass of asstastic and boobtastic we call our communal Reader Finds each week; no one man could assemble such celebrity flesh. So, once more, I come bearing wreaths of thanks to those of our readers who moonlight form their daily toils to provide Egotastic! with their particular discoveries of the sextastic kind.

This weeks Reader Finds includes a wicked pic of Katy Cocktease teasing, well, you know what, Rachel Nichols in purported rare nekkid photos, Britty gossiped about girl Imogen Thomas quite topless, the wonderful uncovered Floppy Tesouro unbound from clothing, soapy star Helen Flanagan flashing monster cleavage, India Reynolds busting through paper to strip, Krysten Ritter in one sexy pictorial, Phoebe Tonkin in bra and panties glory on the tube, Serinda Swan with just her guitar, Holly Peers flashing her peerless twins, and Natasha McElhone getting about as sexy as she gets on camera, which is nice.

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Floppy Tesouro Covered Topless Big Brother Contestant Gets Wet Hot in H Magazine (VIDEO)

En Fuego!
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I’m pretty sure that if you’re a young woman in Argentina, and you’re super hot, that at some point a big truck from the producers of Big Brother comes by your home and just snatches you up to put you on their show. It seems like that Big Brother house down Buenos Aires way is just packed with super fine Latina junior celebrities, almost a right of passage for sultry sextastics like Floppy Tesouro, before continuing their reality show fame on the nation’s dancing shows, variety hours, and tons of magazine and photo modeling, as the ironically named Floppy does in this month’s edition of the Spanish language periodical de hotties, H magazine. 

I’m telling you now that you must look at her pictorial below. But if you’re not watching the Behind the Scenes video above, you’re missing a whole lot of Latina wet and awesome. Disfruta.

Floppy Tesouro Covered Topless Photoshoot