Eva Green

Eva Green Topless Treats With Bare Teats Sneak Peeked in Sin City 2


Sin City 2 didn't fare so well in its opening weekend. Not for lack of skin on the part of Eva Green. (Though perhaps partly from the lack of Skin from Jessica Alba). Eva Green will bring her boobtastic bare and buxom to any and all film roles where her perfect knockers can help. You might say, she's a dame to kill for. I know.

In Sin City 2, Eva and her mounds of joy provide many a special visual wonderment moment in a movie based upon visual displays of excellence. I can't say it's enough to save the film, but her wondrous teats are more than enough to save me one large smile. After all, isn't my happiness what it's all about? Enjoy.

Jessica Alba Hotness, Eva Green Sideboob, Rosario Dawson Cleavage Highlight the Sin City 2 Premiere

Anything Alba. You know my motto. It doesn't hurt when Jessica Alba brings along many of her hot friends like Eva Green, Rosario Dawson, and Nicky Whelan to walk the red carpet of the Sin City 2 premiere in Los Angeles.

This film is already a no-brainer on my must-see list, being both a fan of the first film in the series and, yes, the hot ladies. All of them looked so very good last night, especially Jessica Alba who forever puts sin in my jeans. That's a figure of speech, Though the day it becomes literally, I will report back with photos and diagrams and third-party authentication. Jessica moves me just about like no other. Her seamless transition from hot mommy to wicked hot glamorous star to the shower, where she forever resides in my dreams. Enjoy.

Eva Green Cleavy Hotness Behind the Scenes of the Campari Calendar Shoot

Every year the folks at Campari pick one Hollywood hottie to be featured in their hyper-stylized calendar for the upcoming year. I think it's kind of quaint that many of these consumer products companies still make wall calendars even in this digital age. And it's downright hot when they pick alluring women like Eva Green to put on something low cut and slinky to promote their liquor brand.

Someday, paper calendars will be a thing entirely of the past. Showy shots of Eva Green will delay that inevitable moment for as long as possible. With every great progress comes a little bit of something nice left behind. Pour some Campari out for your homies. Thankfully, Eva Green has no problem baring it all in her film roles. We shall meet her again very soon. Enjoy.

Taylor Schilling Topless, Eva Green Topless, Alexandra Daddario Topless in The Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)


While you're completely not forgetting to get dad that Father's Day special Mr. Skin and Naked News bundle, you can also be checking out a guide to the current week in topless tubular action from our good friends at Mr. Skin, purveyor of celebrity skinematics.

This week's Mr. Skin Minute includes Taylor Schilling and the prison girls of Orange is the New Black getting topless in Season 2 of the show now out on Netflix, Eva Green nekkid and having sex with an invisible demon in Penny Dreadful on Showtime, and, finally on Blu-Ray, Alexandra Daddario in that just simply amazing topless making of the sexy scene from HBO's True Detective. Just a triple play of hot wow. Check them all out. Enjoy.

Eva Green Possessed Topless and Natasha Lyonne Carpet Diving Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)


The little screen just keeps getting better and better. Certainly boobier and boobier, which suits our purpose just fine. With more cable channel outlets than ever before, not to mention Netflix and other digital distributors now getting into the production act, we gentleman oglers have even more heavenly hot bodies to choose from our on TV screens. It doesn't hurt that many of the shows featuring the blessed ta-ta's of their thespianics also happen to be among the best shows available to watch in terms of story and production.

This week's Boob Tube Roundup includes the inimitable Eva Green flashing her funbags in a possessed manner in Penny Dreadful this past week, Natasha Lyonne and Kimiko Glenn in a rather passionate lesbionic nesting in Orange is the New Black, Tasta Teles topless in the second reason of Rogue, and Azure Persons booty beautiful in Salem. It's a lot of skin to handle. Don't take this on as a rookie, it might be too much. I beg of you, not the briar patch! Enjoy.

Eva Green Topless, One Last Look at the Clearest Pictures Yet of 300: Rise of Eva’s Outrageous Knockers


I know we've looked at this epic Eva Green topless scene from the 300 sequel twice before. But thanks to EgoReader 'Tadam', we have now the final clear-res look at those epic peeking peaks on the sextastic actress that we've been waiting for ever since rumors of this scene first broke in my Eva Green Is Topless Rumor Society. We meet at Denny's and split the checks.

Eva Green is in the category of a Kate Winslet or a Chloe Sevigny or a Julianne Moore, just topless in almost every single film role and completely fearless. And what's to be feared when you have a body like Eva's? That somebody's going to tell you to put your clothes back on? Not so long as I'm drawing a breath on this spinning orb they won't. Enjoy.

Eva Green Topless in 300: Rise of an Empire (A Revised Look)


When 300: Rise of an Empire first came out, okay, maybe even a bit before that, we had a blurry-ish but much needed sneak peek. Now for the official record, let's take a superior definition look at the alluring and sultry Eva Green in what is sure to go down in history as one of the more memorably topless making of the sexy scenes in mainstream film.

As my friend Geronimo Barlett-Reeves used to say, all sex is angry sex, it's just a question of whether it happens before or after. Well, in 300: Rise of an Empire, it happens right in the middle. I think that's probably the best. I can see all that conquering foreign lands and even that fraternal violence when Eva Green is beckoning with her perfect sweet tubes. Men are weak before hot women. Sometimes, we need to be reminded of that with in your face funbags. Enjoy.