Emma Rigby

Emma Rigby Blue Bikini Pictures from the Set of ‘Plastic’

The Brits have invaded Miami the past couple of weeks, filming the heist movie, Plastic, and, well, we couldn’t be happier because they’ve brought a few hot women along, including thespianic Emma Rigby who we saw yesterday in a red bikini, and today in blue, on the set of the film.

Now, we pretty much clearly outlined our lust of all things bosomy, young, and soap opera starring from the U.K. yesterday, but seeing Emma today in blue, well, another tribute might just be in order. While the British birds don’t exactly tan in the sun, they still shine, and with a body like Emma’s, we’re checking out that shine up and down and all-around. Just plain old wicked hot. Enjoy.

Emma Rigby Bikini Pictures Deliver British Body Goodness to American Shores

We definitely have a fondness for all this soap opera hottie related in the Old Country, with young Emma Rigby of Hollyoaks fame being one among them we’ve been waiting to bring you. And the time is now, as Emma and her little red bikini barely contained her blonde hottie body around the beach in Miami, taking up about as much sun as any Britty native can take, about fifteen minutes, but it was one fine, if brief, bikini body show.

We lust all amazing looking celebrities in bikinis, but we are especially grateful for the overseas girls who visit our fair nation to brings boobs and bottoms and all-over hot bodies out for a good bit of the ogling shake and bake. Enjoy.