Coco Austin

Coco Austin Barely Covered In A Teeny Tiny Bikini

There certainly aren’t many bikinis that are going to fit Coco Austin to begin with. But now she’s not really even trying. Grabbing a size small off the rack two piece is just a recipe for curvaceous top and bottom spillage as in this stars and stripes pictorial along the beach.

If you got it, flaunt it, baby. Coco doesn’t need much push in this direction, flashing her large rack and her world famous XXL badonkadonk in an impossibly small bit of swimsuit. As per usual, Coco is oiled up to the nth degree, allowing the bouncing rays of light to revel in a moment touched to her body designed for fun. Coco Austin is many things, but easy to miss on the beach, not so much. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: BlackMen SSX Magazine

Amber Rose Naked on the Beach, Coco Austin Bare Glute-a-Mania, Kylie Jenner Bikini Bosom Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Amber Rose is pretty much in a category of her own this week on social media. Really the past several weeks were she seems to be working out a lot of angst and romantic competitions by way of baring as much of her body as possible without being disbarred. She rather topped herself this week with barely covered full nudes at the beach. Not even a thong visible deep in the curvaceous tunnels known as Roseville. Job well done, Amber. Whatever it is your seeking to accomplish, may you never quite find it. This is simply too good.

Joining Amber in the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup this week are Kylie Jenner blossoming in a bikini, Coco Austin with impossible amounts of bare oiled down skin, Sara Sampaio barely covered funbags, Nicki Minaj asstastic up, Kelly Brook workout cleavetastic, and much much more. You owe it to the Gods of Spring Break to check out each and every one of these crazy hot social media sextastic skin shares. They are individually sound, as a set, they are explosive. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Coco Austin Oiled Up For Show

It seems to go hand in hand that when Coco Austin starts flashing her copious amounts of skin, oil somehow gets involved in the mix. And considering the amount of skin to be covered in the thumper area alone, this is no small production line item. Oil, twenty gallons, check.

Coco put her world-famous bodacious booty on display for Show Magazine, letting the light captures every square inch of her acreage of ass-bottom. If you’re the photographer, you know it’s time to call in the bigger lenses. If you’re the viewer, well, it’s up to you how you choose to widen your depth of field, anatomically speaking. Coco is many things, but one thing she is not is hard to miss. Have ginormous bottom will travel. Enjoy.
Photo Credit: Show Magazine

Coco Barely Covered Top and Bottom Sides While Pimping Her Clothing Line

Oh, Coco. You certainly do know how to get the eyeballs of the world upon thine hind quarters. The wife of Ice-T and a celebrity bottom champion in her own right, the blonde vixen has become especially showy in her efforts to pimp her own clothing line. The Coco Collection. I made that up. But I really should be in marketing.

Coco shook her near world record thumper in some kind of rhythmic cadence with the rest of the planet, ensuring naturally that not to many people on the other side would fall off. From there it’s just a matter of kinetics and gravity working in equal parts to achieve maximum booty shaking success. That sounds like a lot of junk science. Let’s just say the results seem to be working. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Coco’s World

Coco Flashes Panties and Deep Cleavage Dining Out

I didn’t do so well in most of my classes past the fourth grade or so. Physics, forget about it. But I’m pretty sure just from common sense I can tell you that the body Coco has built for herself is not going to properly fit into the dress she picked out for herself last night. Two objects can not occupy the same space at the same time, or something like that. While Coco’s enormous yams didn’t come plummeting out of her top as I suspected they might, her panties peeked out from under her tight short dress and other of her curvy lady parts seemed to threaten to party in the spotlight just about the same.

I’ll say this for Coco, she’s never boring. I’ve spoken with her before and she’s about the nicest, sweetest person you’ve ever met. When women are even halfway polite to me, that says something about their character. But as far as grabbing dresses off the rack and thinking they’d fit her perfectly, well, Coco might have a slightly different selection process than Ann Marie Bellaganza, the woman with the mole who used to chaperone the girls at our dances. She was not a fan of girls showing any skin or curves. She kept them under strict conservative lock and key. Until most of them got pregnant. Go figure how that happens. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI/Splash

Merry Thong Bikini Thumper Christmas from Your Friends at Egotastic!

I truly hope you’re enjoying your holiday today. To think that even half of the sugar plum fairies dancing in your head last night turned into sextastic real angels in thong bikinis today, that is the Christmas dream. In honor of the holiday, we put together a little melange of beach booty from Miami this past year, thong exposed asstastics from some of the regular bottom side contributors in South Florida in 2014. Claudia Romani, Michelle Lewin, Coco Austin, and others. Consider it my frankincense for your libidos.

Merry Christmas from Egotastic!

Coco Bikini Pictures Crack-A-Ass-Lacking in Barbados

There’s nothing modest about Coco. I think that’s her intention. The big booty curvaceous model and reality star has been flashing her super sized cans this entire week in Barbados, where the local Caribbean natives are respecting her as the legendary pale goddess of fertility. I’m sure they don’t often see such dramatic cheeks on the tourist class coming down to revel in the white sandy beaches and extra-strong rum punch.

Though most of her bikini becomes swallowed up somewhere in her lady curves, I’m pretty sure Coco is donning a leopard print number for her latest unable-not-to-leer romp across the beach. She really is a rather unique specimen. I’d have to imagine she’s getting an entry in the medical dictionary under Whooty Ginormous. It’s all fun and games until a child gets smothered under her cheeks. Enjoy.