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READER FINDS: Anna Paquin Unfettered Funbags, Christina Ricci Topless, Pamela Anderson Bare Boobtasitc, and Much Much More…

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And hello to you Egotastic! email bag with your pleasures tucked ever so neatly inside. Once I get passed the Nigerian diamond mining opportunities, I am immediately delving into the more legitimate rewards of the celebrity skin inside. How we come together each Friday, man, woman, and child above eighteen to share in our earthly goods and greats of fine female celebrity forms, past, present, and quite the shining future.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Anna Paquin and her full frontal funbags (thanks to EgoReader ‘Quinn”), Thandie Newton all skinny and unclad in her 90′s skinematics (Thandie’s candies courtesy of ‘Bill A.’), Tereza Srbova sextastic topless (an Eastern promise indeed, kudos ‘Mark’), a true throwback classic to Sylvia Kristel in one of the greatest film series ever (memories of euro-mammaries via ‘Evan K.’), Rebekah Underhill nekkid flexi-modeling (uniquely clothes free hotness from ‘David M.’), a double heaping scoops of Pamela Anderson topless (she deserved an Oscar!, thanks ‘Penny’), Jane March in even more throwback ta-ta’s (welcome hotness from ‘Kent’), Halle Berry topless making the sexy (these happy mammaries come to us from ‘Rich’), Diane Lane and her sweet bare peaches (‘David E.’ knows my precise weak spots), Christina Ricci in one of rare topless treat reveals (bouncy flouncy goodness via ‘Peter Y.’), Cassie Ventura nipslips galore for Diddy (she is bold, beautiful, and nipple hot, thanks ‘Devon’), Astrid-Berges Frisbey topless in skinematics Frenchy style (love me my Frisbey funbags, thanks ‘Tino’), and last, but heavens not least, the cute hot Anthea Page modeling bikinis in ooh la la style (oh, to be in the pool with Anthea, bless you ‘Cooper’).

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Christina Ricci Goes See-Through So You Don’t Have to Strain Your Eyes Checking Out Her Chest

Even though she appears to have had some kind of breast reduction procedure a few years back (blasphemous), there’s no denying that Christina Ricci remains on our Top 10 list of Tinsel Town hotties whose chest we look forward to quite rudely scanning every time we cross her path. It’s just one of those things, like Cap N’ Crunch for dinner or shaking parking meters to see if spare change drops out, that has become a part of our everyday life over the past many years.

Well, to aid us in our ogling responsibilities, Christina wore a see-through top (and bare midriff, double bonus points) to the Marc Jacobs fancy shmancy Fashion Week event in New York over the weekend, not so lucky enough to see her bare udders, but some bra clad outline of the melons we’d still like to squish between our fingers like a horny gourd farmer. Bless you, Christina. Enjoy.

Christina Ricci and Ashley Greene Bare Midriff at Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

When ladies magazines host parties, the hotties will come.

As it was last night at the Vogue Fashion Fund Awards where Christina Ricci and Ashley Greene bared some tummy and the likes of Emma Stone, Miranda Kerr, and Dakota Fanning just showing up to look fashionably engaged, and you have five parts of what I like to call a menage-a-six, with yours truly thrusting fashion compliments around rapid fire in an attempt to get those dresses off.

Hey, fashion is for ladies, fashion on the floor is for the guys. Enjoy.

MSM Weekly Skintastic Review Includes Rachel Weisz Nekkid, Christina Ricci Topless, and Strikeback Goodness (VIDEO)


As the temperatures rise higher and higher toward Hades level here in Hollywood, we can’t help but think of indoor activities to get the heart pumping just a little bit. Nothing better for the stimulation of the body and mind than some of your most sextastic celebrities baring their wares on the big and small screens.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes the delicious Rachel Weisz in her greatest onscreen nekkid moment in Stealing Beauty, Christina Ricci freshly topless in Bel Ami, and an assortment of bare skin from the female thesps of Cinemax’ Strikeback, it’s just loaded with big time ta-ta’s.  Enjoy.

(Don’t forget to sign up for your Mr. Skin membership for your 24×7 nekkid celebrities on film needs.)

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MSM Weekly Fleshy Roundup Includes Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci Topless (VIDEO)

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Okay, so we do love our sci-fi thrills here at Egotastic!, which is why we’re heading off to see Prometheus shortly, but we love our dramatic chills as well, like the icy hot feeling up and down the spine of seeing celebrity nekkidness onscreen, with a little forecast of the best on video this week from our friends at Mr. Skin have put together a class

This week’s sixty seconds of skintastic cinema includes Charlize Theron in Reindeer Games, Christina Ricci topless in Bel Ami, and the topless hotties of Piranha 3DD swimming into your lust-fileld hearts. Enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Kat Dennings Cleavetastic, Diora Baird Topless (Twice!), Olga Kurylenko Nekkid, and Much Much More…

Kat Dennings Outtakes in Williams + Hirakawa Phootshoot
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Here we go again with our very favorite communal moment of the week and this one is a doozy. The time when every Egotastic! boy and girl brings their personal marshmallows to the campfire for some scary stories, a stiff glass of cocoa, and the melting of the sextastic smores we like to call Reader Finds.

This week’s blessed bounty of booty and the boobtastic include Kat Dennings flashing her cleavage to a naughty bear, Diora Baird topless today and of yesteryear, Olga Kurylenko of Bond movie fame quite nekkid, Christina Ricci nipple pokes, Lucy Pinder playing topless Supergirl, Kari Byron still chesty awesome in new Mythbusters show caps, Entourage actress Janet Montgomery topless on TV, Michelle Hunziker flashing her nips, Aussie actress Rhiannon Fish bikini bosomy amazing, Katherine Heigl classic cleavage, Jessica Lowndes panties peek upskirt, Jessica Szohr nude body painted, and model Sara Ziff topless. It’s all good.

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READER FINDS: Alessandra Ambrosio Preggo Covered Nekkid, Natascha McElhone Actually Nekkid, Michelle Hunziker Topless, and Much Much More…

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What can be said of the group efforts each week by our Readers to assemble and share some of the finest fineries without much clothes on the web? Well, the words ‘awesome’ and ‘blessed’ and ‘laudable’ come to mind, along with ‘raunchtastic’ and ‘fleshy-funned’ and ‘pimpalicious’, and when you combine the two you have the perfect description of our award-winning weekly Reader Finds, like a holy offering to the gods of the sextastic.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Natascha McElhone fully nekkid, Michelle Hunizker sans bikini top, Jennifer Love Hewitt fully plumped out cleavetastic, Emmerdale’s Adele Silva missing her bikini top, Alessandra Ambrosio preggo covered topless hot, Alison Haislip outtake heaven, Christina Ricci topless on film, Estella Warren nekkid swimming, Imogen Thomas sextastic tennis, Joanna Krupa bikini slippage, Joanna Lundback black and white and hot all over, Julianna Gill racktastic in Friday the 13th, Katy Perry almost dress fall, and an assortment of some of our fave glamour models going Girl on Girl in a very special pictorial.

It’s so many boobs, I dare you to count!

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