Charlotte Ross

Charlotte Ross Super Sextastic Just Never Ever Quits

Editor’s note: some or all of the media previously associated with this posting has been removed do to circumstances too complicated for us to begin to understand.

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Charlotte Ross. How does she manage to look so effin’ hot at 44?  Clearly some children’s blood is being drawn somewhere to provide the cultish spells that keep her looking so damn hot. Our good friend and photographer Roger Snider recently snapped some amazing photos of Charlotte Ross and we couldn’t be more hard, I mean, pleased, to see this timeless blonde flashing an unholy body and amazing looks.

Simply stunning. Enjoy.

(Check out Roger Snider’s photo site for ton’s o’ hot celebrity hotness.)

Charlotte Ross Butterfly Gala

Katie Cleary and Hope Dworaczyk Among the Hotties Dissing Fur

Are you like me, in that your views on politics always seem to be in alignment with the political views of the hottest girl in the room. So, when it came to the ‘Diamonds, Not Fur’, anti-animal skinning event in Hollywood, well, I was more than prepared to get nekkid in the cage with the PETA hottie. Thankfully, my attention was diverted to the very delightful assemblage of human flesh on display, including Katie Cleary, Hope Dworaczyk, Jayde Nicole, and Charlotte Ross, so sextasic were they, I literally dropped the club I was about to use to make me a new pair of seal boots, it’s cruel, but they are super comfy. Enjoy.

MSM Weekly Movie Roundup Features Jessica Chastain, Charlotte Ross, and Emily Meade


It’s the end of the work week, which means it’s time for your every seventh day forecast for the tops of the topless appearing in the cineplexes and celluloid this weekend courtesy of our friends at Mr. Skin and their Mr. Skin Minute.

This week’s one minute hard bodily survey includes a directional note for ginger sexy Jessica Chastain, a close look at Charlotte Ross that’ll drive you crazy, and Emily Meade causing inner hand friction.
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Victoria Justice Leads List of Red Hotties at the Blue Ball

Sure, it’s easy to bag on Perez Hilton for being a whiny priggish fop. I mean, really really easy. But, I’m giving props where props are due this morning, and if you can get the likes of uber-young hotties Victoria Justice and Selena Gomez to get decked out and show up for your birthday party, well, you’ve got undeniable juice. Perez’s birthday party ‘Blue Ball’ brought out a number of sexy celebrities (and, oddly, one young boy) dressed in their dress blues showing off some sextastic wonder. In addition to Victoria and Selena, the hot-blue likes of Joanna Krupa, Charlotte Ross, Jenna Jameson, Eliza Dushku, Camille Grammer, and Aubrey O’Day. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News / / / Getty Images

Olivia Munn and Yvonne Strahovski Bring Animal Heat to the Genesis Awards

I love dogs. And I respect the older ladies, shut-ins, and spinsters who dutifully care for the cats that will someday be found consuming their owners’ bodies after the neighbors haven’t heard from them in days. I love all animals really, except for birds. Those really are meant to be eaten. So, when the Human Society and Hollywood team up for the Genesis awards each year, well, I get into the donation mode. And when they invite a bunch of celebrity hotties to amp up the feeling of giving, it’s almost unfair. Olivia Munn was there, flashing the animal-caring cleavage, super-toned Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck regular, Katie Cleary, red carpet evergreen and ever-cleave, Charlotte Ross, and sexy actress, Amanda Righetti. Growl. And, enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame / Getty Images

Battle: Los Angeles Premiere Features The Hotness of Michelle Rodriguez, Charlotte Ross, and Bridget Moynahan

Nerd code dictates that I must attend a screening of Battle: Los Angeles this weekend, even though my Spidey-senses tell me I may just be in for a tanker-boat sized load of number two. However, the premiere last night was chock full of anything but poopola, featuring the likes of Michelle Rodriguez (who you will soon come to know as Tila Tequila’s ‘ride or die’ bitch), Bridget Moynahan, who we just don’t see nearly enough of, and Charlotte Ross, who seems to attend every premiere event in Hollywood these days, and I am absolutely in favor of this policy. Join me this weekend at Battle: Los Angeles, if you dare, or, just have a fond ogle at this sextastic trio. Enjoy.

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