Chantel Jeffries

Chantel Jeffries Red Thong Bikini For Maximum Ogling Perfection in Miami

Former Bieber girlfriend and current something else, Chantel Jeffries still attracts quite a bit of attention for her robust body when she hits the beach in Miami. And quite deservedly so. The erstwhile model and famous person girlfriend packs a mean passion inducing punch with the amount of curvaceous skin she’s featuring lone the sandy shoreline.

I never like to judge another man’s girlfriend. I only like to sometimes pretend they are mine. Chantel Jeffries seems like a handful. And her pedigree speaks to a young woman who delights in men of wealth and danger. Well, Chantel, I’ve got $37 bucks in my wallet and a willingness to try any ride at Magic Mountain up to the fast moving roller coasters not safe for pregnant women. Is that whetting your appetite at all for boyfriend the next? I know, pack some bikinis and whatever lady products you need, it’s time to make sweet memories we’ll both regret. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: KDNPIX

Chantel Jeffries Is Pretty Hot (As Far As Justin Bieber Party Girls Go)

If you’re like me, even as you’re giggling over the arrest of Justin Bieber this morning, your more attuned to the hot young thang riding along in the car with The Devil’s Midget during his brief drunken street racing venture. Her name is Chantel Jeffries. I believe being a girlfriend to wealthy clubbers and athletes is her occupational pursuit, for which she definitely has some innate talents by the looks of her, um, talents.

While we certainly hope Justin Bieber is brought to swift, immediate, and excruciatingly painful justice for what is in fact a dangerous crime, we do need to keep in mind that this world needs hot party girls. They play a vital role in the eco-system of our capitalist society. That is, work toward success and someday you too might find Chantel Jeffries half-naked in your Lamborghini telling you that speed (and your wallet) make her horny. Enjoy.