Catrinel Menghia

Catrinel Menghia Topless And So Damn Hot I Want to Cry Happy Tears

Catrinel Menghia Topless Photoshoot for Jonathan Miller
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It seems like just yesterday I was writing very bad poems about how much I lusted for sultry Romanian goodness goddess Catrinel Menghia. I think it was actually. I lose track of time easily. An offshoot of eating way too much canned tuna fish. Now, like a bolt of lightning from the skies, comes Catrinel Menghia suddenly ridiculously hot and topless in this Jonathan Miller photoshoot. Damn, Catrinel is one fine looking specimen of the fairer sex.

Sometimes, I finally get to see one of my favorite sextastic celebrities without their clothes on and I just go into a catatonic state. Other times, I become quite frenzied and manic. Not knowing exactly how I’ll react is all part of the excitement of finally ogling such good looking women showing off their world class bodies. And funbags. There’s really nothing better. Enjoy.

Catrinel Menghia Sextastic Swimsuit Preening for The One

Well, hello there Romanian goddess hottie Catrinel Menghia. Nice to see you once more.

We first made our acquaintance with Catrinel a few years back in her SI Swimsuit photos. Our adoration of the dark haired sultry beauty has yet to waver. Just take a look at this swimsuit spread in The One Magazine and tell me you aren’t having visions of lost weekend in Bucharest locked in an apartment with Catrinel with nothing to eat but radishes and each other. That’s the dream when a girl as smoking hot as Catrinel can pose and preen and show off her crazy hot body as she does. Well, maybe not the radishes. Let’s replace them with gummy bears and call it the ultimate fantasy. Catrinel, bless you for being so damn hot. Enjoy.

Xenia Deli and Catrinel Menghia Lead List of Bikini Hotties in S.I. South Africa Calendar Shoot

Ah, bathing beauties from around the world wearing skimpy suits barely covering their ridiculously hot bodies. Yes, please, I’ll take two.

Moldovan hottie Xenia Deli and Romanian fashion beauty Catrinel Menghia are just two of the stellar female forms Sports Illustrated South Africa brought together to shoot a calendar for the benefit of all people trying to figure out what day it is in the coming year. Let’s face it, with the invention of PDAs, the sole purpose of the wall calendar is to gaze upon super sextastic ladies whilst trying to put aside the more rigorous and rugged part of your day. I’d say these ladies are doing their job in that department.

Check them out and see if you’re not already looking forward to 1/1/14. Enjoy.

Catrinel Menghia Hot Photoshoot for Venca Swimwear 2012

Catrinel Menghia Lingerie Pictures For the Perfect Retro-Sultry Boudoir Feelings

We’ve seen Romanian sultry hottie Catrinel Menghia on here over the years, but hardly if ever enough. Catrinel is one world-class model standout who feeds our deep dark exotic girl we meet in an overseas Wendy’s restaurant fantasy, oh, so well. In fact, in our dreams, even at Wendy’s Catrinel is wearing sheer little bits of lingerie as she is in this photoset for the Lise Charmel collection, some silk coverings over this flawless relentlessly hot body.

Take a long, slow gander at Catrinel Menghia and see if you don’t start wishing you could hide in her bedroom closet and peek for a couple hours or years or so too. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Jennifer Lopez Bikini Hot, Kate Upton See-Through, Berenice Bejo Topless, and Much Much More…


It’s been a long week here at the headquarters of sexy celebrity, what with three members of our tech team self-immolating themselves when they found out the iPad 3 will still not support flash media. They’re a very dramatic bunch. But we can easily look past the visual horror of three crispy nerds in the hallway and look to the visual delights presented by our readers, each and every week in our very favorite segment. A little thing we like to call Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds is a bevvy of the beautiful, an insane array of the awesome, and a jambalaya of the just-so-damn-hot. Yep, it’s got it all and it’s all must see, including Jennifer Lopez in a white hot sexy bikini shoot, Kate Upton in a see-through click, The Artist actress Berenice Bejo topless, Arianny Celeste in an amazing bikini pose-off, Taylor Momsen in a see-through outfit on stage, Helen Flanagan in a deep cleavage sexy bikini, Catrinel Menghia nekkid hot, Czech model Ivana Mrazova topless hot, Nina Agdal covered topless wonderful, ex-Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend Nereida Gallardo topless on the beach, Ghost Hunter Interational’s own Susan Slaughter Utermark flashing her supernatural boobtastic, and Selena Gomez in mas mas upskirt shots. Now, that’s a collage!