Cat Deeley

Cat Deeley Hawaiian Vacation Bikini Pictures Will Make You Macadamia Nuts

Okay, so you probably aren’t a big fan of So You Think You Can Dance on Fox, but Britty type hostess Cat Deeley, former MTVer from the U.K. and all-around beloved TV personality, well, she’s got a little bit of this thing going on what with the eyes and the accent and, well, we’re finally glad to have some photos of Ms. Deeley we can share with our beloved readers, namely, candid bikini shots featuring a little boobtastic and a lot of bent-over asstastic that paints quite a wonderful introduction for this model turned hostess. Enjoy.

Clare Grant Stuns With Bodacious Cleavage at Creative Emmy Awards

Well, there’s nothing really more exciting than the Creative Emmy Awards; who doesn’t look forward to these suckers each year. Well, the talent pool isn’t quite the Oscars, but, nevertheless, we couldn’t help but take note of some serious flesh filled fantasies on the red carpet over the weekend, somewhat surprisingly led by Clare Grant, I’m not even sure what she plays on TV, but I know she’s the real life wife of lucky bastard Seth Green. Other hotties on the boob tube included Jeanette McCurdy, Victoria Justice, Cat Deeley, and Rebecca Romijn, though I’m still not likely to watch any their TV shows, I will definitely check out their cleavage. That’s just what a gentleman does. Enjoy.