Carly Whiteley

Carly Whiteley Sexy Pictures Reveal A Girl Beautiful Inside and Out


The new pride of Britain. Carly Whiteley.

Everybody says they want to make a difference in their community, but how many people get off their keisters and really do something about it? Well, the sexy hot Carly Whiteley did, raising over $2,500 in the past couple of days for the Southend Hospital Foundation and their very noble work on breast cancer detection and treatment.

And, you all did something, with your generous donations, which we hope will continue into the future for this very worthy cause.

And, not only is the charity a winner, but the world now gets to see what we think is the start of very big things for Ms. Carly Whiteley. If magazines and modeling agencies don’t scrape and scramble to cover this pretty girl with an amazing body and big heart, they’re crazy.

Thanks to everyone involved, to the Egotastic! community, the best online space in the world, the work of the Southend Hospital, and to a girl who put her sexiness to beneficent use, Carly Whiteley.


Please continue to make donations to the Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation as you are able and send Carly your warm messages.

And for the eight billion people who wrote in asking about a certain purple lingerie item worn by Carly in the photoshoot, Jenna the Mighty recommends these panties available worldwide through Amazon, albeit not the exact match, but very similar.

Egotastic Exclusive! Carly Whiteley Sexy Photoshoot to Raise Money For Charity

So, remember that amazingly pretty girl you all spotted riding the rollercoaster nude for a great charity a couple weeks ago? We got tons of letters asking us all about her, but we had no idea who she was. But you asked, so, we put on our Egotastic! detective hats and found her in the U.K., Carly Whiteley, and, you were right, she is really really naturally hot with a beautiful body and… I must control myself.

Carly Whiteley wants to raise even more money for the Southend Hospital Charitable Fund which supports breast cancer detection and treatment. We told her that nobody in this world supports healthy breasts more than Egotastic readers! So, here’s the deal we made. We commissioned a Carly Whiteley photoshoot, rather sexy indeed, such a natural beauty even in this limited setting. We are posting some of the pictures from the photoshoot now, and, we are posting the even more amazing topless pictures if, AND ONLY IF, we raise US$ 2,500 or GBP £1,600 in donations for the Hospital charity (though we want to blow way past that mark!). The ultimate win-win situation.

I have seen these prize pictures. I want to share their wonder with you so you can fall in lust like I have. And I want to raise money for this great charity. So, please, donate what you can. They accept PayPal and everything under the sun. At the top of the page, under the Egotastic! banner, you will see a running total of the amount raised to date. When we meet our mark, bingo, the pictures will be up the next morning. (Though do please keep giving to this great cause.)

As a kicker, any donor who matches or exceeds the Egotastic! donation of $100 (£65), will get their message reprinted on our home site here. So you can shout out to your buddies, family, birthday wishes to grandma, proposals to all three of your girlfriends, whatever you like, you know, except for completely rude.

Remember, charity donations = beautiful toplessness

Now, on with the Carly Whiteley show. Enjoy.