Camille Rowe

Camille Rowe Wicked Hot and So It Goes

I don't just have a lust crush on Camille Rowe, I want to bear her children for her. In the very least, it would be good cover for the ten pounds of cronuts I put on this past winter. I'm like a damn bear except when I sleep for twenty minutes in somebody's hammock, they don't film me and call it cute, they just phone the police and use the word trespassing and emotionally disturbed.

Camille is featured all kinds of French saucy and hot bodied sextastic in So It Goes magazine. I just want to eat her up. Not Dahmer style, more figuratively and lingering nekkid lasting. She continues to be my ideal European vineyard vacation weekend escape fantasy girl. I don't even like wine, or vineyards, or anything to do with bed and breakfasts where you have to sit with some lady with a mole on her cheek and hear about her antiquing finds, but for Camille, I'd do it all with a smile. Enjoy.

Camille Rowe and Her Lingerie Sort of Covered Uncovered Body Drives Me Absolutely Crazy

The day Victoria's Secret brought Camille Rowe into their stable of world class lingerie modeling hotties was one of the happier days of my life. I can't really compare it to the birth of a child or graduation from reform school, but let's just say it's between Camille's signing on to V.S. and the day my local grocery store put Pacifico on permanent club sale that I will remember with the biggest smile in my golden years.

Featured in the latest and greatest from the lingerie make extraordinaire, Camille Rowe shows once again why a super sextastic hottie with no top on is the very best way to sell bras. It's ironic, I know. But I'm on the phone right now with V.S. asking my sales representative Stephanee with two e's if she can sell me the bra Camille was formerly wearing before she removed it for the shoot. No, no need to wash it, I'll take it as-is, right off the shelf. Enjoy.

Camille Rowe Covered Topless for Victoria’s Secret

I really do have a thing for French hottie model Camille Rowe. The day Victoria's Secret added her to their stable of female lingerie modeling goodness, well, that was a happy day indeed.

Featured in the March catalog, Camille shows exactly by wearing no lingerie up top, she's the best selling bra-pimper this side of the Loire River Valley. Sometimes, you need no clothes to sell clothes. Camille gets that. I applaud her intuition and her sweet lower back and points connected therein. Enjoy.

Camille Rowe Lingerie Pictures Take on Shapes Not Even Humanly Possible (But So Damn Hot)

I'm not quite sure how Camille Rowe was able to contort her supremely fine body in some of these photos, I'm just glad she did.

One of my favorite French girls ever, Camille's addition to the Victoria's Secret ever-growing stable of sextastic ladies has been wonderful visual news indeed. The way her body takes to bras and panties, or quite less with her very lucky mitts covering her sweet boobtastic. She's a natural at delivering the happy tingles. Enjoy.

Camille Rowe Packs a Lingerie Hot Body Punch for Victoria’s Secret

Oh happy days when V.S. added French hottie model Camille Rowe to their never-ending stable of gorgeous young women in silky little nothings. While we are used to seeing Camille in more revealing looks in Euro-mags, there's something that just says 'winner' (and 'good luck getting me') about Camille's hot body and killer smile.

There's something to be said for a woman who looks good both in and out of clothes, and that thing is, please, for some reason, against the advice of every single member of your friends and family, please make me your boyfriend, for at least a few weeks. Dare to dream the impossible dream. Lust me some Camille Rowe. Enjoy.

French Hottie Camille Rowe Bikini Pictures for SeaFolly Goodness

Take one sextastic French girl, put her on one Australian Beach, in a two piece swimsuit, and you have the recipe for something extraordinary. I happen to be somewhat fanatical about Camille Rowe, in good part because she's gifted us with so much skin-revealing hotness over the past few years. Quite European in her values you might say.

Now she's Down Under on Bondi beach modeling for SeaFolly swimswear and showing off her slender fine female form. I couldn't be much happier, unless my wish to be transformed into her bikini bottom for about sixty minute comes true. But I'm not holding my breath on that one, I'm told purely selfish prayers rarely get answered. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags! We Revisit French Hottie Camille Rowe Topless In Her Wacky Fish Film


Remember that weirdly French (redundant, yes, I know) pictorial that sweet bodied hottie Camille Rowe did for L'Officiel Hommes magazine, where she was a nekkid fish caught by some Frenchy bearded fisherman and hung up  at the fish market on a hook? Why, of course you do. I mean, all French stuff is artistically arcane and confusing, but that was weird and hot. Nobody forgets weird and hot.

Well, now, thanks to Euro-styling EgoReader 'Jenault', we have a look at the full short film that was shot for the magazine's pictorial, and it's even more bizarre than the actual photoshoot. Or just really really French. But, either way, it stars stupendeously sextastic Camille Rowe without any clothes on, so you're bound to ogle. Thank God It's Funbags!