Camille Rowe

Camille Rowe Topless Striptease in Her Boudoir (This One Is Killer!)

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Wow and shiver me happy timbers. Not super shy but always faptastic Frenchie Camille Rowe strips out of her light wardrobe down to her perfectly sextastic topless body in this Pamela Hanson photoshoot that left me immediately catatonic with joy. Camille Rowe just happens to be one of my favorite hottie celebrities and Victoria’s Secret model now and while we’ve seen her in various states of undress before, this boudoir masterpiece is, well, masterful.

Camille Rowe came into our lives a few years ago in more artsy kind of ways. But now she and her ridiculously hot body have gone on to more directly cockle warming fare, including her lingerie model work and this stellar striptease bit. I could live in her delicious funbags for seven seasons without every growing tired or failing to pay rent on time. I’m a good tenant. Just expect lots of baths. Oh, my, how hot is Camille Rowe? This is happy times to the nth degree. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Pamela Hanson

Camille Rowe Topless Poolside Pierced Goodness

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What if I told you I had pictures of one of the girls you lust most in this world, and she’s topless and crazy hot by the pool? That’s the question I asked myself this morning when I first heard of Camille Rowe and her new pictorial in Lui magazine. I do often ask myself questions or sometimes just entire conversations. It comes from having been raised in a Skinner Box until I was twenty-four. I can also weave my hair into weapons. Though that probably wouldn’t impress the likes of French muffin Camille Rowe whose nipples point ever toward true happiness.

In my heart of hearts, I do so wish American girls would get as nekkid as their European counterparts. It’s on my bucket list of things I wish to say I accomplished during my years on this planet. But, for now, we can rejoice in the custom of our gentlemen ogling ancestors with a golf clap and cranking up the binoculars to full leering mode. Camille Rowe is the icing and the cake. Dive in. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine

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Camille Rowe Wears Bikinis By The Pool

Camille Rowe remains one of my all-time lust inducing favorites and she’s only but beginning her career as a hot French woman who transitions into world wide bikini and lingerie model by way of all the big name merch pimpers and magazine spreads.

Featured in bikinis by the pool for S Moda, Camille and her wet allure show why she’s going to be seen in more and more skin filled photographs in the coming months and years. She just has the special ‘it’ quality that makes women want to be like her and men want to build log cabins on high mountaintops and write her letters on outdated typewriters begging her to come visit for the day or next six winters. She really is quite the stunning woman. I know we would be so happy together. Well, I would be, she could pretend. That works for me. Camille, let’s embark on this adventure. Bring bikinis. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: S Moda

Camille Rowe Bra, Panties, Super Good Looks, It’s All There

Camille Rowe happens to be my favorite. I might just let her be my girlfriend in 2015 if she asks nicely and she likes to bowl. In fact, the bowling isn’t necessary, or the nice asking for that matter. We can just stay-in while she berates me for not having a real job. I’m good with that, Camille, provided you lash out at me whilst in your bras and panties. Oh, you do wear them ever so well.

Featured in this pictorial for Next lingerie, Camille Rowe reminds me that one of the finer things to happen in 2014 was her inclusion into the V.S. lineup of silky nothings clad ladies. She really does have one of the female forms that lights me up like no other. And that smile. It makes me want to build a ship of some kind. Maybe just inflate a dinghy. A man needs to realize his limitations even in the face of massive inspiration by way of lust. Camille Rowe, I need so much more of you in 2015. Please, baby, please. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Next

Camille Rowe Topless From Angels By Russell James

Camille Rowe Topless from Angels by Russell James
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The lovely Camille Rowe took some sexy topless pics by Russell James for his Angels photo book. They are in black and white, so you know they are all tasteful and stuff. Camille is pretty seriously hot. Like, more than your usual naked model type person. She looks like no one you see in everyday life unless you are one of the lucky bastards that gets to hang out with models all the time. Her boobies are superlative. You can tell because one of the pics is an extreme closeup of her nipple. It’s one of those slightly upturned pixie nips that look playful yet down for business. She’s also got an incredibly pert and tight bottom. I’d like to smack that butt, however that is how you get put in jail. So, I will have to settle for giving it a sexy slap in my mind. Alas.

I like black and white nudes. It makes me feel like I’m less of just a horndog ogling chicks and more like I’m appreciating art or something.

Camille Rowe Bikini Photoshoot Drops the Sextastic Bomb on L.A. Beaches

As you know, I’m heels over head in lust with Camille Rowe, the French addition to the V.S. arsenal of hotties. Camille is in my hood shooting a bikini catalog thingee and just looking all kinds of alluring and ridiculously sextastic shimmying her world class bikini booty in and out of shorts and bottoms for the camera.

Camille Rowe is the kind of girl I’d leave my wife for. I don’t have a wife, but I might just get married so I can leave my wife for Camille, then naturally beg to come back two weeks later when Camille learns I’m not really the guy who invented Lasik who’s sitting on trademark gold. Life really gets complicated when pretty women become a part of your world. Still, completely worthwhile. Camille, every time you squeeze a butt cheek my heart stops for a solid fifteen seconds. It’s scary, but nice. Enjoy.

Camille Rowe Sextastic Showy Underwear Pimping Leaves Me With Sweaty Shorts

Too much information perhaps. But I don’t consider it hyperbole when I state that Camille Rowe may just be the hottest thing in cotton panties since, well, since forever. The French blonde has made a stupendous addition to the Victoria’s Secret stable of hotties ever since her introduction last year. She brings a certain je ne sais quoi to the mix, which I believe is French for absolutely ridiculously hot body and tush.

When Miranda Kerr left the fold I must admit I was a bit concerned for V.S. and their bevy of underwear beauty pimping models. But they redoubled their efforts and their lineup rather impressively, bringing in a half-dozen newer bodies and faces into the panties and bra mix that has only elevated their stature. I expect that of a lingerie company that wants to maintain their presence on my speed dial list. Camille Rowe, you are simply amazing. Keep up the good undies work. Enjoy.