Brittany Mason

Brittany Mason Topless Flashing Her Epic Miss Indianas

Brittany Mason Hot Topless Shoot by Josh Ryan September 2014
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Oh, how I love when a beauty queen takes off her clothes. That is after all why we watch pageants in the first place, is it not? Maybe I’ve given too much away.

Brittany Mason is one super fine former Miss Indiana who we’ve not seen around here since her rather memorable Me in My Place photo shoot a couple years ago. Now, she’s back with a major league bang quite sextastic and topless in this Josh Ryan devil-may-care-about-funbags photoshoot. Oh, my, oh my. I could stare at Brittany’s ridiculously hot body all day long and never grow tired. Maybe the right elbow just a bit. She is one crazy hot young woman who I hope we get to see even more of in the future. You simply can’t keep these gifts to yourself, Brittany. Don’t deny Mother Nature her bounty, let alone us drooling savages. So hot. Enjoy.

Brittany Mason Takes You Into Her Place, Strips Off Her Clothes, and Almost Shows You Her Miss Indianas

You know badly and madly we dig the Me in My Place photoseries from photographer Michael Edwards, wherein super hot girls invite the snapper into their boudoirs, strip down to their skivvies, or less, and begin bending and preening around their bedrooms as we imagine they do in our dreams. It truly is quite marvelous.

The lastest and hottest entrant into the MIMP series is former Miss Indiana and current model and actress, Brittany Mason, who will make your toes tingle, your eyes pop, and some other shizz happen in between that we’re too gentlemanly to mention. But, trust me, seeing Brittany Mason in her little cotton underthings with that body, it will happen.

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