Arielle Kebbel

Taylor Swift, Fergie, and Arielle Kebbel Highlight the Sextastic at the iHeart Radio Festival

Granted, the iHeart Radio Festival in Vegas each September might be the largest assemblage of pop music’s more craptastic hot artists of the moment, but there’s no denying that like all such similar events, the hot girls come out to be seen in show and on the red carpet. iHeart Radio is no small player, so when they put the hooks out to the publicity agents for top level talent, top level talent migrates to Sin City for the weekend. Hotties such as Taylor Swift, a mighty fine looking Fergie, Arielle Kebbel, Sophia Bush, and more show up to strut their finest and talk about all the crazy hot boy bands.

I may never understand teeny music with a fresh funky Casio beat. But I do know pretty girls. And they do tend to be around that same horrific music. So, suck it up like I do and talk about how Iggy Azalea music is really powerful if you want to either be popular with a niece or intend to date anybody under 30 who works in the food services or retail mall industries. Enjoy.

Lili Simmons and Arielle Kebbel Topless Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Lili Simmons in Banshee
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Talk about your double turns and hidden karmic gems, just as I was about to lament only seeing the gloriously hot young Lili Simmons in some stellar bikini cuts in Banshee on Cinemax, along comes Lili in sextastic scene turn in True Detectives showing off the full extent of her funbag and hot bodied goodness. A double dose of Lili is just what the doctor ordered. If you’ve got a good doctor that is.

Add to that a rather lovely brief but topless catch of Arielle Kebbel skinny dipping in the Amazon pilot show The After and you have one definitely must-see Boob Tube Roundup. Bless you, small screen genies. Enjoy.

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By Gumby! Arielle Kebbel Takes On A Horse Named Pokey

I’m not sure why I feel so compelled to turn that which is beautiful into something dirty and raunchy. My shrink, Dr. Lester Knuckles, says I’m trying to paint the world with the same tainted brush that dots my insides. I don’t really know what that means, but he has a degree from the Learning Annex and I’m not about to question his authority. Probably why when I see photos of the sweetly hot Arielle Kebbel from Vampire Diaries and Life Unexpected with some swollen pokey nipples around a beautiful stallion in these Pacific Breeze Portraits, well, let’s just blame this illicit thought on way too much Internet surfing after innocently Googling ‘Must Love Dogs’ one afternoon. Enjoy.