Amii Grove

Amii Grove Busts Out Her Chest Batons To Take on Kym Graham in the Battle of the Boobtastic


Just because this is the Season of the Giving, don't think the hot girls in our Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic aren't looking to take the title of top chest from their fellow bodacious chesty contenders. These girls will fight until the last areolae is plum tuckered out to take home the trophy, or, you know, the skeevy congratulation note I send them along with my private telephone number and best time to call me if they want to catch me naked watching sports.

This week's battle features two brunette Brits going Saxon to Saxon with their best teats forward. Amii Grove and her Isis like enchantment trying to fend of the lusty likes of Kym Graham, with flowers in her hair, and honey in her.... well, flowers in her hair. Two amazing women with sweet racktastic. But who earns the top spot. Whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Amii Grove vs. Kym Graham

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Kym Graham Chesty Throwdown Against Amii Grove in the Battle of the Boobtastic


In only her second Battle of the Boobtastic ever, Kym Graham bites off a mighty big hunk of funbag challenge this week, taking on the blessedly chested Amii Grove in a showdown of cute little brunettes with killer bodies.

There has been much discussion of late as to what happens to the losers each week in the BoB. Are they dragged away coldly from the arena as they do the defeated bulls after repeated thrusts of the sword from the matador? Nay. While there is little notice or fanfare given to the runners up each week, they are escorted to my cabana for a fruity cocktail and an inspirational speech about the lessons learned in life's failure. Also, maybe, I do give a hint at what it might take to get them back into a future challenge. Hey, I'm a busy man, how will I remember their names when the time comes?

But, as always, to the victor goes the spoils. The public cheers, the accolades, and a $5 gift card to Baskin-Robbins. These are big stakes that only you can decide. So, vote now, and as they say in Chicago, vote often. Whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Kym Graham vs. Amii Grove

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Nicole Neal BoobBattles Amii Grove in Our Weekly Chest-Fest


Sometimes, I feel guilty that I compel two beautiful women into the ring to remove their tops and face off, err, chest off, against one another in a primal Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic. But, that shameful feeling quickly passes as I return to mostly just pure exhilaration at the sight of two outrageously hot women with nipples pointed at each other in attack mode. Sometimes, you've got to ease the guilt to the back.

This week's peachy contest pits hot blonde Nicole Neal against the alluring Amii Grove. Two girls for whom I'd rip out a kidney just to get five minutes alone with in a broom closet. Either. Or, both. But, no, not today. Today there can be only one. So, the question is put to you, who's ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Nicole Neal vs. Amii Grove

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READER FINDS: Adriana Lima Camel Toe, Demi Moore Topless, Gwyneth Paltrow Nekkid, and Much Much More…


This has been a fun week. Maybe not as fun as meeting Backdoor Teen Mom last week, but more fun than meeting your dentist and watching him make the tsk-tsk face that you ought not give another person past the age of 10. Right there in the middle. And at the end of the middle is Friday, the holiest of days in the Egotastic! week, when we complete the ritualist ogling of the sextastic celebrities with a roundup of flesh and more flesh provided by you, the most educated readership of any celebrity site on the world wide web. Today, is your day. Nekkid populi.

This week's Reader Finds includes the delicious Amii Grove posing topless for Page 3 (thank you to EgoReader 'James'), classic throwback to topless teen Demi Moore and Michelle Johnson in Blame It On Rio (sweet find from 'Raoul'), Vanessa Hudgens innocently hot in Brian Bowen photoshoot (good tidings from 'Estev'), the underrated Marion Cotillard topless in Taxi (delivered this day by 'Owen'), Selena Gomez bikini still from Spring Breakers (courtesy of 'Anon.'), Romina Senesi skinny topless Argentine (from 'Glib' who knows we love our Sudamericanas), Nicole Neal and India Reynolds girl buddy buddy and topless for Nuts (thirst officially slaked by 'Kevin'), Hungarian gloriously sextastic model vixen Renata Hada (stellar contribution from afar by 'Jiro'), Annina Ucatis topless on Big Brother Germany (fancy tickled by 'Thommas'), Adriana Lima serious camel toe (revealed by the oft-contributing 'Pito), a very nekkid Gwyneth Paltrow (insisted upon by 'Ken S.'), SyFy's very own Jane Riley very nekkid and self-shot (no clear face but 'Hector B.' insists it's Jane, looks kinda right), Hayden Panettiere rooting on her man with cleave (kudos to 'Lugh'), more Selena Gomez laying across a bed goodness (thank you kindly 'Michael G.'), and, last, but not last, a purported nekkid shot of Game of Thrones giantess, Gwendoline Christie by photographer Polly Borland (transmitted by 'Matthew B.'). Now, that is what I call a hodgepodge of honeys! Enjoy.

Poppy Rivers Busts Out Beachy Against Amii Grove In Our Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic


I can't remember if the Groundhog saw his shadow or not this year, but I'm pretty sure the weather is starting to turn toward warmer climes, so why not turn our weekly Battle of the Boobtastic into a challenge of topless hot beach girls, pitting their funbags against one another 'neath the surfside sun.

This week's battle features dueling sextastic brunettes, Poppy Rivers, super underrated hottie, versus veteran Page 3 starlet, Amii Grove. Two girls with exponentially glorious chest puppies, but, in this battle of the boobtastic Thunderdome, only one can go home a winner. So, we ask once more, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Poppy Rivers vs. Amii Grove

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Courtnie Quinlan Chests Up to Amii Grove In Our Weekly Topless Battle of the Boobtastic


Though this may be the season of Peace on Earth, there is also that Goodwill to Men bit, and what generates more good will than two fine Britty glamour models going ta-to-ta in the Thunderdome of the Chest Puppies we like to call our Page 3 weekly Battle of the Boobtastic.

In our final battle of 2012, we put the squeaky hot girl next door, Courtnie Quinlan, and her faptastic funbags up against one of our fast-becoming-favorites to ogle, Amii Grove, the girl with two 'i's that we would surely love to dot in an indecent manner. Two tremendously fine ladies without much clothes on pitting their wares against one another for the crown. Two deserving challengers, but who's ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Courtnie Quinlan vs. Amii Grove

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Amii Grove Is One Very Naughty Santa’s Helper to Lift Your Christmas Spirit


The good lads at Page 3 definitely knows how to put out the Yuletide spirit. One super hot Britty brunette like Amii Grove, one strippable Santa's helper costume, and one camera and you suddenly have yourself a delightful view of why we need a little Christmas every day of the year.

Sometimes, we struggle to find our own definition of merriment in this world, let alone peace, but most of the time, the answer is standing right in front of us. And she's typically quite topless. Enjoy.