Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima In A Thong And Panties For Victoria’s Secret

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the spectacular Adriana Lima posing in a thong and panties during a shoot for Victoria's Secret. Adriana is one of our favorite girls here at Egotastic and it's easy to see why. She's just incredibly, undeniably hot. She's sporting a thong with some big bows on them. It's like she herself is a present on Christmas morning you just can't wait to open. The thong shows off her perfect booty. Her posterior is a work of art. As far as the booty arts go, she's a Michelangelo. But as if that wasn't enough she's also sporting a small lacey bra that shows off her amazing funbags. You've got to love Victoria's Secret for providing us with material like this. Every time one of their catalogs arrive in the mail it's like a present from the universe.

But seriously, Adriana is perfection. Not only is her body amazing but she's got a gorgeous face. Her eyes are unbelievable. Check them out when you are done checking out her butt.

Adriana Lima Sextastic Modeling Something I Can’t Afford, But I Can Look

I get the feeling Adriana Lima isn't brought in to model the off the rack discount ware. So I'm guessing whatever this catalog shoot is, I can't afford any of it. Even if I were a collector of women's clothing. As if. But I do know that Adriana makes everything appealing. Her World Cup commercials were the absolutely drop dread bomb. And in this pictorial, she even makes clothing look acceptable on a wicked hot woman.

Some women were simply dropped from the heavens to bring smiles and boners to this world. Adriana Lima has produced millions of both. If she needs to push some dresses and purses to make her stay on this earthly orb more accommodating, I'm all for it. Though I'd be lying if I didn't say I forever picture her in the buff. A true naughty angel. Enjoy.

Adriana Lima Sports A Green Bikini In Miami

Brazilian model and Egotastic favorite Adriana Lima spent a day at the beach in a small green bikini. The Victoria Secret angel looked heavenly, (see what I did there?), all wet from the sea and glowing in the sun. Her perfectly pert ladies looked absolutely stunning in her tiny top. But it was her magnificent booty that really stole the show. The bottom of her bikini showed off most of her shapely rosy cheeks. I'd like to get a bronze sculpture of that derriere to put on my coffee table. I feel it would really tie the room together. If I were more of a poet, I'd write a sonnet about her badonk, but as it is I can only express my gratitude to her parents for creating such a beautiful example of womanhood.

Brazil is getting a lot of attention these days because of that little soccer thing going on down there. The World Cup is seriously playing in every bar in New York on big plasma screen TV's. But I don't really care. Adriana and the other Brazilian models what I'd rather watch in high def.

Adriana Lima Nipple Anyone? Oh, Yes, I’ll Take Two Please


It's just European sensibilities to show a little skin, or a lot of skin, when pimping the fashions in magazines. I don't care if you're Adriana Smith or Adriana Lima, if you're working Vogue in Europe, you're not afraid to show a little boob.

If on the off chance you're interested in seeing the ridiculously hot Adriana Lima bare nips in her Vogue Italia spread, our friends at WWTDD are hosting the headlight party. If not, you can always watch Antiques Roadshow and drink your tea. Or do both like I do. Enjoy.

Adriana Lima Newly Single MILF, Hope Springs Eternal

Lots of men feel the need to brag about their conquests, I've always felt that discretion was the better part of gentlemanly behavior. So when people keep asking me if I've been knocking boots with Adriana Lima dozens and dozens of times since her split this week from her NBA baller husband, I say, I have no idea what you're talking about. Plus, dozens and dozens seems kind of low. But mostly no comment. It's always a rough day when one of the world's hottest women and international lingerie model comes back on the market. Let us all take a minute to linger in the pain.

P.S. Adriana, if you're looking for your toothbrush, I left it with the guy at the counter.

Adriana Lima Super Hot in Vogue Spain May 2014

Brazilian supermodel and certified hottie Adriana Lima is unbelievably sexy in Vogue Spain's May issue. Adriana is in a series of revealing bikinis that show off her ample breasteses for our viewing pleasure. My favorite is the bathing suit with all the holes cut in it's got a bunch of holes cut in it. Is there anything sexier than a smoking hot tanned body on a beach lightly damp from sea water and suntan lotion? I say there is not. Adriana's lovely perfectly shaped  bottom is also on display. They are like two rounded scoops of caramel ice cream. I would enjoy that sundae on a hot afternoon in July. It's a shame that she ever has to sit down and hide those lovely buns from appreciative eyes.

These pics also prove that fanny packs can in fact be sexy. I guess Adriana can make anything look good.

Candice Swanepoel and Adriana Lima Cleavy and Leggy at Victoria’s Secret Conference in London

Gal pals Candice Swanepoel and Adriana Lima looked appropriately sensual at a Victoria's Secret press conference. They were there to announce that the next Victoria's Secret lingerie fashion show is going to be held in London. Adriana wore a dress that had the benefit of both short and having a special window to oggle her funbags. Candice looked equally as smoking in a white dress that showed off her ample cleavage. It is the mark of a truly sexy woman when they are equally as provocative fully clothed or just wearing underwear and a pair of angel wings. These two ladies have been my favorite Victoria's Secret models for a while. There is just something fun and exciting about them. They look like they are actually having a good time on the runway and not like they are just going through the motions.

I look forward to seeing what frilly bits of awesomeness they will be wearing when the show happens in London. Rest assured, we're on it like fish on chips.