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Audrina Patridge Bikini Pictures and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Taylor Swift in this month's Vogue. (HuffPo)

Baseball wife, Anna Benson, keeps things interesting. (FoxNews)

Audrina Patridge bikini pictures. (GossipCenter)

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Subway riders without their pants. (TheChive)

Lindsay Lohan to play Elizabeth Taylor? (TMZ)

Seth Rogen and I have something in common. (BuzzFeed)

Mtmwnzc2ntg2nteymjq3ndi3 3df176c2 59525eb7 featured Kristen Bell Leads List of Hotties Celebrating Premiere of 'House of Lies' on Showtime This Weekend
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Mtmwnzy3mtywotm4ntkwmtc4 ab3739d7 77f33a7c featured Kristen Bell Teasy Lingerie Pics Promo the Next Sextastic Showtime Series 'House of Lies'
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Baby Blue

Lea Michele gets her sexy on. (GossipCenter)

Kristen Bell is sheer awesomeness. (Celebuzz)

Olivia Wilde naughty tattoo. (HuffPo)

Kim Kardashian in three asstastic dimensions. (FoxNews)

Anne Hathaway of wearing short shorts. (Popoholic)

Game of Thrones the videogame. (CollegeHumor)

Eva Longoria see-through top. (DrunkenStepfather)