Lea Michele is Sweet Like Candy and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Kendall Jenner aint getting schooled. (HuffPo)

Gina Carano, new action hottie. (FoxNews)

Something about Adriana Lima and the superbowl. (GossipCenter)

Rihanna is getting even more ink. (Celebuzz)

Evan Rachel Wood gets to cheat with chicks? (GossipCop)

Selena Gomez talks shop. (Buzznet)

Lea Michele new Candie's photoshoot. (Idolator)


Gwyneth Paltrow is bendy. (TheSuperficial)

Alyson Hannigan has some fun in the tub. (HuffPo)

How'd they do that Paz De La Huerta nude scene? (FoxNews)

Evan Rachel Wood talks doing nude scenes. (GossipCenter)

Courtney Stodden is too hot for Facebook. (GossipCop)

Katie Holmes and other braless celebrities. (TheChive)

Rihanna flips the bird. (theFABlife)

West End

Cheryl Cole sexes up London Town. (GossipCenter)

Evan Rachel Wood swings both ways. (HuffPo)

Rihanna and the hottest ladies in Hollywood. (FoxNews)

Beyonce and other celebrity nipple slips. (TheFrisky)

Elisabetta Canalis gets around. (TMZ)

Fashion shows are way more fun when the clothes are see-through. (DrunkenStepfather)

Scarlett Johansson out in NYC. (Popoholic)

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