Catarina Sikiniotis Blue Bikini for Beauty Pageant Winning Happy Feelings in Greece

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bill-swift - August 14, 2014

When you're half-Greek and half Portuguese and you're 19 and your name is Catarina, there's a solid chance I'm going to be drooling over your body when you hit the beach in your bikini. If you happen also to be the reigning Miss Portugal like Catarina Sikiniotis, then I'm going to need several drool bucks. Damn. Wow. And some other words I wish I knew how to say in Greek so I could whisper them directly into Catarina's ear whilst serving as her cabana boy on the beach.

Catarina reminds us that smoking hot sultry young celebrities are up and coming in every corner and crevice of the globe at any given moment. I'm sure Catarina is already quite well known among the men of Europe. Soon too I suspect among men around the world. That kind of sextastic can't be contained to a mid-sized archipelago. It's too explosive. Enjoy.