Casey Batchelor Cleavetastic Displays Light Up the London Night Sky

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bill-swift - November 13, 2014

Reality star and TV hostess and girl who may or may not be dating every famous rogue in Britain these days, Casey Batchelor took her ample sweet cleavage out for a stroll in the London evening air to give her lady humps a pleasant breather. Thankfully, us gentleman oglers got a sweet taste of the luxurious funbags barely nested in her barely top. There's no reason why chesty promenades can't be a group experience.

Casey is the kind of girl who is going to leave a string of broke hearts and other shredded and chafed body parts in her wake. She seems to be rather okay with all of that, which in itself is pretty damn alluring. I'd happily let Casey break me, and keep her on my Christmas card list after the fact hoping she'd return and do it again. When you've seen me in my sweater with the hounds by the fireplace, you really can't resist. Casey, call me. I'll tie myself up in anticipation of your arrival. Enjoy.