Caroline Vreeland Breasts Amused

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Lex Jurgen - May 26, 2017

Not everybody gets into the good The AIDS parties in Cannes. Flash your social media stats and see where you land. There's the multi-million follower threshold for many of the more upscale galas. You don't need a comer at 250,000 fans scarfing down your real caviar and breasting up your better billionaires. There are Victoria's Secret models for working the whales. 

Chicks like randy blond model Caroline Vreeland get the Cannes mall tour cocktail parties. The goal remains the same. Getting the nation's few straight men to stare at your tits. That amid a competitive landscape of fifty other pimped out blonds with the same intention. Hey, what brings you here? Right, same as me. Let's fake being super amused and wait for death or a rubber salesman from Bolivia to take us. Whichever comes first. It's easy to judge until you've had tape on your nipples for six long hours. 


Photo Credit: Blackgrid