Canadian Facing 7 Years For Pedo Doll

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jhanson - February 15, 2017

An electrician in Canada is facing child porn charges because he ordered a four foot "prepubescent doll." Your main worry should be the people manufacturing these things. Always picking on the little guy. Also since when do dolls go through puberty?

Canada is becoming an increasingly reactionary country. They're either way out in front of things or too far behind. In Britain they've already arrested over twenty people for buying these things. It's pretty shocking that there's such a huge demand, but the Catholic church is doing pretty well so go figure. Canada stood by and condoned exterminating the Indians. But they're not taking any guff when it comes to fake underaged people. 

The crux of the debate is whether or not this doll constitutes pornography. If you're a lawyer type, you'd probably have to prove the guy is fucking it. Otherwise how is it different from one of those Russian Matryoshka dolls? Even so, you could shove one of those things up your ass right?

Are we going to start prosecuting guys who buy extra shampoo bottles or zucchinis? It's really not fair to the vegetable. I'd rather have Buffalo Bob fucking a doll than my unborn children. This is truly a victimless crime. Take away the dolls and these charming fellas will probably go and find a victim that cries real tears. This story has everything.

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